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Taras Bachynskyy: 2019 LEGAL FORECAST

Issue 119, January 2019.
Ukrainian legal services market has been growing rapidly in recent years. Experts estimate it to be worth between $500-700 million a year (for comparison, Germany’s is worth $27 billion and more than $100 billion in the USA). Until recently, there was what’s known “lawyer’s craft”, or individual consulting companies. Success was measured by the number of “acquaintances” or opportunities a company had. The situation is now changing. The growth in quantity of companies providing these services doesn’t always mean an increase in the level of such services. Companies don’t compete for the values of their clients, but for the values they’ve set for themselves. How do you choose the one that will not only be able to provide professional, high-quality services, but also meets the needs of the client?

Double act educating Ukrainian TV audiences on international affairs

Issue 119, January 2019.
With Ukraine currently at the center of a geopolitical showdown between Russia and the Western world, it has never been more important for Ukrainian audiences to have a solid grasp of contemporary international affairs. This is where TV presenter double act Peter Zalmayev and Taras Berezovets aim to make their mark. The duo host weekly news review show The Week on Ukraine’s Pryamiy channel. Each Saturday evening, they seek to provide analysis of the biggest global headlines from the past week, with a particular focus on Russian hybrid war activities around the world that serve as extensions or echoes of Ukraine’s own struggle with the Kremlin. “One of our main goals is to be educational,” says Berezovets. “This often means providing our viewers with the necessary background and explaining the broader context of international events. After all, politics does not exist in a vacuum.”

Global Events is Lviv’s Event Management Leader

Issue 119, January 2019.
Global Events is considered one of Western Ukraine’s top event management companies. Its success lies in its continually developing team – everyone is very motivated and working towards a common goal. This is coordinated by Denys Rynsky, the founder of Global Events, who shares his secrets on how to create a leading event organisation company in Western Ukraine.


Issue 118, December 2018.
Infertility isn’t a destiny any more considering the rapid development of reproductive medicine. By visiting the Reproductive Centre PARENS Ukraine you get quality diagnostic, European service, confidentiality, professional advice and lots of care. Why is it worth entrusting PARENS Ukraine with your parenthood dream?

Треба зробити залучення масштабних інвестицій в Україну не винятком, а правилом

Issue 116, October 2018.
Інтерв’ю з українським економістом, політиком, головою комітету Верховної Ради з питань промислової політики та підприємництва Віктором Галасюком про перешкоди для іноземних інвестицій, стимули для українських підприємств, виробництво смарфтонів в Україні, заробітчан та XVIII Міжнародний економічний форум у Львові.

Lviv law firms leading regional reinvention

Issue 110, March 2018.
Economic and legislative changes are forcing law firms across Ukraine to rethink their professional focuses The transformations taking place in Ukrainian society since 2014 have also left their mark on the country’s legal industry. The appearance of new state institutions, wholesale changes to legislation, and the emergence of entirely new economic priorities have obliged many Ukrainian law firms to rethink their professional focuses. This trend is evident across the country, with numerous regional nuances reflecting Ukraine’s diversity.

Hotel group plans 2018 regional expansion

Issue 109, February 2018.
Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group hopes for progress on regional projects as guests return to Ukraine Hotel manager Jesper Henriksen has only been in Kyiv for just over half a year, but he has already noticed positive trends in the Ukrainian capital city’s hotel sector that he believes bode well for the Ukrainian economy as a whole.

IT INDUSTRY: Ukrainian IT exports increase by 20% in 2017 to reach USD 3.6 billion

Issue 109, February 2018.
A yearly IT sector overview released in January 2018 by the IT Ukraine Association highlights the robust performance of the country’s IT industry. Ukraine’s IT exports grew by 20% year-on-year in 2017 to reach a new record of USD 3.6 billion. This figure is projected to increase to USD 4.5 billion in 2018, with the forecast for 2025 currently standing at USD 8.4 billion, or around 4.65% of anticipated GDP.

Meest Group – The Pioneer of Ukraine’s Postal-Logistics Market

Issue 108, January 2018.
Rostyslav Kisil, the founder and President of the Meest Group international postal logistics company, shares his ideas about the formula for success and his company’s innovative projects with Lviv Today.

Online sports media to reward users via Blockchain-based audience interaction innovation

Issue 107, December 2017.
Sportco group of sports sites seeks to pioneer new partnership model between publications and their audiences