Online sports media to reward users via Blockchain-based audience interaction innovation

  • Online sports media to reward users via Blockchain-based audience interaction innovation
Issue 107, December 2017.

The Sportco group of sports sites is pioneering a new approach to online audience participation that aims to reward interaction and build brand loyalty. Existing users learned of the new initiative in early 2018 as launch preparations moved forward. Blockchain-based technology is at the core of the concept, allowing Sportco to reward users for any action they perform on their sites.

The core idea behind this new interactive approach is disarmingly simple. With audience reach and composition serving as the most important components of any online media, incentivized engagement has become the logical next step in the evolution of internet media. Sportco will now aim to reward community members for everything from sharing content and posting comments to taking part in online competitions. The key is to contribute. "We think the future is based on partnerships between publications and their audiences. Readers should have a significant place in the reward mechanism as they are the main reason that drives sponsors to advertise in any media," writes project co-founder Anuj Sharma in an address to the Sportco community.

The Sportco platform will become one of the first to reward its community members according to a customized algorithm that will measure involvement and interaction of every kind. The same Blockchain technology that also manages Bitcoin transactions will be vital to the process, making it possible to handle millions of calculations and variables simultaneously and attribute value to each individual action based on a complex and personalized scoring system.

With the help of this Blockchain technology, Sportco will introduce an online economy for users based around tokens awarded for actions that will also allow them to purchase goods and services such as sports event tickets and merchandizing through the Sportco network of sites. As the Sportco network expands (it already numbers hundreds of thousands of users), the value of the tokens will also necessarily increase. This will create a mutual interest between Sportco and individual members of the community, who will also benefit directly from attracting new users to Sportco platforms.

What is the value of each individual interaction? Sportco must address this key question as the new system goes live in the coming months. Every interaction with Sportco sites will be subject to ranking via a range of parameters including the user’s own social media reach and the response generated by any particular input. All these factors will help to determine the size of the reward for each interaction. 

"The world of communication is changing its attitudes towards users and placing them at the center of the equation. Any media that fails to internalize this will not survive," says Anuj Sharma, one of the project's founders. "Today’s online media is in the midst of a rapid evolutionary process. First, we saw the differentiation of niche tools, and now the trend is information consumption from social feeds. The next evolutionary stage is rewarding end users who contribute to the community with content, engagement, and responses."

"We are essentially taking the foundations of a well-known marketing tool called Bounty Program that rewards people based on the impact of their actions, and implementing it a great way with Sportco," adds brand advisor Phiroze Mogrelia.

About Sportco

The Sportco brand platform features sports websites offering a range of news, blogs, opinions, statistical analysis, videos, photos and sports apps related as well as a network of dialog communities. Sportco co-founder Anuj Sharma has several years of experience in the online sports content, gaming and digital marketing field and helped set up several sports websites and apps with associated companies and brands such as Cricwizz, Sportswizz, SportsQwizz, and Sportswizzleague. While these existing platforms are already popular in India, Asia, Australia and the UK, Sportco plans to expand internationally by expanding its portfolio and adding sports with global reach.