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  • American Healthcare in Lviv
Issue 72, October 2014.

American Healthcare in Lviv

American Medical Centers seeks to fill a void in the health services market in Ukraine by providing health services accessibility through the development of a medical care assistance office in Lviv. AMC Assist is a medical assistance and on-call doctor’s office targeting an existing corporate and business traveler, tourist, national and international insurance demographic. Supported by AMC’s existing corporate client and insurance infrastructure, AMC Assist represents AMC’s pre-opening clinic office in Lviv, actively providing family practice-based and specialty care services on an on-call or referral level. The office will market to and promote assistance services through its existing insurance relationships, direct corporate marketing, wellness education, and the promotion and sale of AMC health plans.

Services on offer in Lviv

AMC Assist Lviv will provide primary, specialty, and acute care services to Ukrainian nationals and foreign residents, tourists, and business travelers. Its core services will be centered on family practice home/office site visits, with pediatric and gynecology referral services. The Assist office will be a clinical administrative office, with a larger part of its services in coordinating secondary and tertiary care in Lviv and throughout western Ukraine. The office will offer an additional 10-15 general and specialist practitioners on a consultancy basis and provide 24-hour medical assistance, acute care, medication dispensary, house and office calls, CPR and ACLS classes, hotel and embassy medical training, and education. The office is a gateway to medical assistance, charged with organizing and contracting with insurance and assistance companies, other medical providers, regional companies and organizations.

AMC Assist Lviv services include:

1. 24-7, home and hotel emergency, consultation and assistance visits.

2. Referral in-patient and out-patient (laboratory, imaging, and diagnostic coordination), supervision, administration, quality assurance, cost containment and operational management.

3. Assistance and Emergency coordination and evacuation administration, remote site clinics and mobile first aid systems, and transfer to the AMC Kyiv facility.

4. Service existing AMC Kyiv corporate and individual clients on a regional level.

5. Corporate Physician and Occupational Health services.

6. Insurance company agent and broker, case management, cost containment, benchmarking, recruitment, billing and clinical logistics, insurance sales and representation.

AMC Assist Lviv aims to be efficient and convenient for all clients. It will carry the AMC Kyiv mission and model which is focused on accountability, patient education and participation, and a maxim of putting the patient first, not just caring for, but genuinely caring about its patients and clients.

Lviv Today: What made you chose to expand into the Lviv market?

AMC: About a year ago we started thinking about our physician and referral network abilities and resources, and began looking at cities that we felt could support a physician office and a sizeable future clinic investment. As we have a number of different organizations and corporate clients that have employees and family in western Ukraine, we wanted to have a presence, not only to serve our resident health and insurance plan clients but to further our development to an increasingly relevant and growing market.

Lviv Today: What are your expectations in entering the Lviv market?

AMC: We feel Lviv has tremendous potential for private health services in developing convenient and accessible concierge-care driven models. While disposable health spending is quite low compared to Kyiv or other CEE markets, we sense that demand for both private physician, expert second-opinion, and EU hospital referral access will continue to grow as the city and its economy develop. Recent acquisitions and health service investments are a good harbinger for continued investment. So we feel that Lviv represents a terrific opportunity to develop our model and increase the quality of primary and secondary health provider services in the area. We want to do that first with our AMC Assist model.

Lviv Today:  How does the Ukrainian healthcare market compare to other regional markets?

AMC: We have been in Ukraine since 1996 in a provider, referral, insurance and assistance capacity. Of course it has not been the smoothest road from there to here, and the last year has been the most challenging, for most. Compared to other CEE markets, private healthcare in Ukraine is in its infancy, significantly under-developed and under-capitalized, lacking major public and private investment. Reassuringly, private care continues to drive investor interest. Recent foreign investments (2012-2013) in larger hospital networks, or specialty clinics, specifically two target groups in Kyiv and Odessa, and a smaller investment in Lviv, are positive and will drive an increasingly competitive private market. We believe that given the choice, technology, opportunity, and affordability, private care, like some of our existing Lviv partner clinics, will drive demand, creating a better service in both the diagnosis of care, delivery, and ultimately, better health outcomes.

Lviv Today: Which AMC Services are most in-demand?

AMC: Our urgent-care clinic network began in the early 1990s.Through the years we have operated a total of eight outpatient and dental facilities and a twenty-five bed specialty hospital, the American Hospital of Moscow. Today, we are the only Western-owned and managed health provider in Ukraine offering over 20 specialty services with laboratory, diagnostic imaging, pharmacy, assistance, insurance plans, and evacuation services. In Ukraine, we are first and foremost an urgent-care clinic and assistance network, and so most services tend to be primary or general specialist, family practice, or preventative car based services—consultations, diagnostics, specialty referral, and hospital coordination. In Lviv, and with our assistance office, we expect to work closely with both existing individual and corporate clients and visitors as well as our national and international insurance and assistance affiliates and partners.

Lviv Today: What do you see as the healthcare development priorities for today’s Ukraine?

AMC: There is a great deal of work to do and in the current state, everything becomes a priority—health budgeting and procurement, education and training, privatization, fighting corruption, strong leadership, pharmaceutical regulation, accessibility and legislation, and more. Today, Ukraine spends near 4 percent of its gross domestic product on the sector, compared to the EU’s 8.5%, so spending, and its transparency and accountability, is essential. Transforming Ukraine’s massive State hospital and polyclinic behemoth and executing a mandatory national insurance model, I believe, must also be a priority, something our current Health Minister, Oleg Musiy, has demonstrated in his progressive reform agenda. But while identifying industry priorities may be straightforward, executing change may be quite different.

AMC Assist Lviv Office        

AMC Assist Lviv will be located in Lviv’s premier Business Center, the centrally located ‘Rius Business Center,’ 8 Stary Rynok Square.

T: + 38 032 253 7000

E: [email protected]