EBA Personality:Oleksandr Nikitin Lviv office Director, Tebodin Ukraine CFI

  • EBA Personality:Oleksandr Nikitin  Lviv office Director, Tebodin Ukraine CFI
Issue 59, July 2013.

Oleksandr Nikitin
Lviv office Director, Tebodin Ukraine CFI

1. Can we start with an introduction of yourself and an overview of your company? How do you position yourselves on the market?

I started my work in Tebodin in 2006 in Kyiv office working first as a Senior Engineer and then as a Project Manager on various engineering projects which have been realized in different parts of Ukraine and in other CIS Countries where Tebodin is present. As Tebodin Project Manager I was involved in realization of the projects of such well-known Companies as Yokogama, Hitachi, Roshen, Taman Terminal, etc. As of 10 June 2013 I was appointed as Lviv Office Director, Tebodin Ukraine.
Few words about our Company. Tebodin was originally established in the Netherlands in 1945 as Tebodin Consultants and Engineers BV. The aim of the Company was to rebuild the industry of the Netherlands after the Second World War. Now Tebodin has over 50 offices in 23 countries. In Ukraine Tebodin has offices in Kiev Lviv and Kharkiv employing about 150 specialists – architects, structural engineers and all the other engineering specialists. This year we are celebrating 20th anniversary of Tebodin in Ukraine and 7 years of Tebodin in Lviv. Our Company is concentrated on industrial and commercial projects of different complicity which requires not only professionalism of our specialists but also a unique integrated approach together with professional Management of the project. The key services we provide to our Clients are technical and ecological consultancy, valuation of assets, General Designer services including all stages of design and author’s supervision, Procurement, Project and Construction Management.

2. Do you have the experience of working in Western Ukraine and in Lviv?

My first acquaintance with Lviv was in 2007 within the project on construction of Lafarge Coal Mill in Mykolaiv and then continued in 2008 when Tebodin acted as a General Designer within the project on ‘Construction of new terminal SE ‘International Airport Lviv’. For me it was a really challenging project because we had to realize all stages of design during a very short period of time – 6 months maintaining the quality! I was a Project Manager at that time and I must admit that it was a challenge not only for me but also for all Tebodin Lviv Engineers who put their efforts and soul to meet the deadlines and satisfy the expectations of all Lviv people and the guests of the city.

3. Do you have any plans for expansion? What are your growth ambitions?

For the last year we experienced many changes. In 2012 Tebodin found a new owner and now we are the part of originally German Bilfinger SE – the international engineering and services group for industrial facilities, power plants, real estate and infrastructure. Globally for Tebodin it means the extension not only in new countries but also on new continents where Bilfinger is present. But this is all in perspective. 
What concerns Tebodin office in Lviv we are concentrated more on qualitative growth then on quantative one. The growth in number is always the answer to the market requests and it will depend on general market situation in Ukraine connected with foreign investments in the field of construction.

4. What are your top priorities for the next 12 months? 

Our biggest priorities and ambitions for the following 12 months are our people and the quality of services we provide to our Clients. So, we want to maintain our current staff and to strengthen it. The management of Tebodin supports the initiatives of its ambitious employees, e.g. in 2011 Tebodin engineers initiated the usage of 3D Building Modeling Program in Design. During a year our architects, structural and utility engineers had trainings and in 2012 started applying it successfully in the projects. But the most important thing is that our Clients can benefit from it because using BIM helps to avoid inaccuracy in design and therefore changes during construction saving time and finances.

5. What key market drivers are positively impacting your business?

Favorable investment conditions are the key market drives of our business. Most of our Clients are foreign investors and the decision to invest or not depends on level of economic stability, VAT refund, transparent and comprehensive procedures of doing business in Ukraine. 

6. What is the most important management lesson you have learned?
What I have learned being a Project Manager is that you need to set the tasks correctly to the right people. You need to immediately find the approach to every individual. Some employees perceive only separate precise tasks; some of them need a number of creative tasks at the same time. The second thing I have learned is that a Manager doesn’t have to provide his employees with ready decisions. Very often a Manager only guides its people directing them to the right decisions. It empowers people letting them grow. In this case people feel more responsibility for their own work and general Company result in whole.

7. Could you please share your business success story?

My success story is very simple. You need to know what you want and which result you want to achieve. Then you plan it and start to realize immediately.

8. How could you see the future for your sphere of activity in Western Ukraine? What are the prospects in this sphere in general? Can the infrastructure support planned growth? 

Certainly the growth of our company and our business depends directly on the market. As we know now the market of engineering and consultancy services in the Western Ukraine and in Ukraine in general is not in the best position. Especially it concerns the Foreign Investors, who are our major Clients. However, as I’ve already mentioned, the aim of our company for the following few years is not a quantitative growth, but it is a development of our staff, trainings, improvement of the quality of engineering and consultancy services that meet the best European practice, new standards in energy saving and environmental protection. So our plans in the nearest future are to become the so-called Knowledge Center not only in Western Ukraine and Ukraine but also within Eastern Europe area. I believe that soon the investment market in Ukraine will be rehabilitated and we will be willing to provide engineering and consultancy services at the highest level.