Issue 50, October 2012.

UkrSibbank started its activities in Lviv region in 2001, and today can proudly boast that there are already 31 affiliates, 20 of which have offices which are located in Lviv itself, the other offices are located in Boryslav, Brody, Horodok, Drohobych, Zolochiv, Mykolayiv, Novoyavorivsk, Sambir, Stryj, Truskavets and Chervonograd. Throughout its 10 years of business, UkrSibBank has offered Lviv citizens the full package of bank services. Just in recent years, dozens of thousands of Lviv citizens as well as thousands of enterprises became clients of this financial institution and can evaluate the advantages of the provided services based through their own experiences.
In this issue Liubov Getmanska, Head of the Lviv regional unit answers to the questions of “Lviv Today” readers.

What is the best way to choose a bank correctly? To what issues should prospective clients pay attention?
The best guarantee for any bank is its reputation. UkrSibbank is part of the BNP Paribas Group – a global leader on the financial market, one of the world’s largest financial groups in the Ukrainian market, having over a two-century long history and being known in the whole world by its perfect implementation of services and execution of obligations during the hard times of economic crises. Moreover UkrSibbank is a member of the Individual Deposits Guarantee Fund in Ukraine, meaning it will reimburse each depositor in case of losses.

What would be the offer of UkrSibbank for the representatives of business circles?
Our bank and our clients should be partners. The philosophy of our cooperation with customers is based on the key notion of “reliable partner”. Following this principle stimulates us in becoming the best bank for clients in all aspects of services: starting from offering profitable and transparent financial instruments and finishing with an individual approach and a highly professional consultancy program.

What are the advantages for private entrepreneurs, who decides to start cooperation with UkrSibbank?
For the present day UkrSibbank offers businessmen a special package, which includes: a moderate recurring fee if the client is getting services for both its current and deposit accounts, distant management of an E-banking system “Star Access“ on overtime working schedule, free of charge corporate card and extremely beneficial conditions on cash flow management. In accordance with the particularities of the business of each enterprise our bank can offer various tariff packages: “Unlimited”, “Cash” or “Econom”.

It is quite common that SMEs clients (enterprises and private entrepreneurs) are often encountering lack of funds, what credit products could be offered by UkrSibbank in such case?
Sure, the question of financial funds is extremely important for many private entrepreneurs, and our bank is ready to provide clients with the means for the further development of their business For example, at present time UkrSibbank offers the micro-credit program for private entrepreneurs – physical persons, single tax payers. As a matter of fact, nowadays in Ukraine there are very few banks, which provide micro-credit programs for the clients. Within this program, the client may receive up to 200 thousand UAH for the purchasing of equipment or any commercial property as well as up to 100 thousand UAH as a refill for main cash flow accounts. The list of requirements for such clients is standard: positive credit history, profitable business activity during the last 12 months, and real estate to serve as guarantee.

Sometimes new business relations could be quite risky, what are the means of your bank to ensure interests of the clients?
Yes, it’s true, sometimes our clients face difficult situations when partners demand complete or partial prepayment for the goods or services, as a result enterprises are forced to engage means from their cash flows or take bank loans. Our bank can offer such enterprise bank guarantee of the payments, which may seem a tricky financial instrument at first sight, however it has a very simple mechanism. The supplier will provide the company with the goods or services without any prepayment understanding that if in future the named company fail to pay, means will come from the bank directly. So you see, payment guarantee is in its essence an obligation of the bank to pay the supplier for the provided services or goods.

What are the procedures of bank transfers to/from Ukraine for participants of external economic activities?
The afore-mentioned clients have possibilities to make payments and transfers with agency banks in various (sometimes even exotic) currencies – one can operate with over 100 currencies at the same time, having in our bank just one active current account in Euro or USD. Our clients escape all losses on currency converting, or new account opening in contract accordance. By the way, in 2010-2011 our services in this sphere were highly praised on the international level by “Global Finance” magazine with the award ”Best Foreign Exchange Provider in Ukraine” and this year for the perfect quality of handling Euro transfers UkrSibbank was awarded with “Straight-Through Processing Excellence Award” from Deutsche Bank.