Lviv hotel named Ukraine’s No. 1

  • Kevin Taylor, Group Vice President, World Travel Awards Udo Heine, Managing Dire
  • Leopolis Hotel General Manager Udo Heine
  • Leopolis Team
  • Leopolis Hotel General Manager Udo Heine
Issue 28, October 2010.

Early October saw Lviv’s Leopolis Hotel named as the 2010 Hotel of the Year at the
prestigious annual World Travel Awards. Leopolis Hotel General Manager Udo Heine spoke
to Lviv Today about what this breakthrough means for the hotel and for the Lviv region
hospitality and tourism sector in general.

What does it mean for Leopolis to be recognized with this prestigious award?

For us it means worldwide recognition by international travel organizations and hotel industry members — people whose opinions will in turn influence the opinions and travel plans of many informed travelers. It also confirms that our philosophy, development strategies and our standards are right and are also appreciated by our customers.

What elements of the Leopolis Hotel package do you think most impressed the judges?

The quality of our rooms and amenities, our flexible approach to the needs of our customers and most importantly the “yes we can do it” attitude of our staff. Can this award help spur development of the broader Lviv hotel sector. It should have a positive impact on the regional hotel market as a whole but that is out of our hands. Nevertheless, this award should help speed up our plans for extension. In general we view this award as being very beneficial
for the development of Lviv as a tourism destination as it boosts the city’s image on the international stage. This could in turn result in more interest among international tourists.

Which areas of the Ukrainian hotel sector currently offer the greatest potential for growth?

Regional capitals offer huge scope for development. All of Ukraine’s secondary markets such as Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Zhaporizhya and other regional cities with populations of over half a million people continue to generally lack of 3, 4 and 5 star hotels as the vast majority of new projects remain focused on the Kyiv market. The Carpathians and the Crimean region also need more hotels offering international service standards.

How do you think Euro 2012 will impact on the hotel sector in Ukraine in general and Lviv in particular?

Euro 2012 will have not as much of an impact on life in Lviv as everybody seems to think but it will bring plenty of business to the city. The final scale of the impact may well depend on which teams are drawn to play their matches in Lviv — with nations famed for their large fan bases obviously bringing with them far greater opportunities. In my opinion the main benefits for
Ukraine’s Euro 2012 host cities will be the infrastructure upgrades they are undergoing
as part of their preparations, together with the Europe-wide platform they will receive via Euro 2012 to boost their image as a future tourist destination.