Review: Lviv’s summer terrace scene

  • Review: Lviv’s summer terrace scene
  • Review: Lviv’s summer terrace scene
  • Review: Lviv’s summer terrace scene
  • Review: Lviv’s summer terrace scene
  • Review: Lviv’s summer terrace scene
Issue 25, June 2010.

 Throughout the centuries Lviv has changed hands and experienced more war than any other city in Europe, but  throughout it all it has always remained a place instilled with a sense of bohemian bonhomie. This ambience is  surely best experienced in the laid back environs of one of the city’s ever-growing number of stylish and inventive  summer terrace options. Lviv Today took a look at the 2010 summer terrace scene and found a scene bustling  with creativity and more than ready to step up to the challenge of Euro 2012.

Over the past twenty years the city’s cultural life and cafe scene has returned to blossom with a gusto and self-confidence which has all too often been missing elsewhere in schizophrenic modern-day Ukraine.  Nowhere has this self-assured swagger been more apparent than in the ever-expanding Lviv summer terrace scene, which in the past decade has succeeded in putting the shoddy functionality of the 80s and 90s behind it and transforming into a booming seasonal sector of the local tourist economy which perfectly encapsulates the  city’s laid-back confidence. Most Leopolitans now regard summer terraces as a quintessential part of summertime city life, and guests will soon learn to adopt similar attitudes. To allow you to get more out of the outdoor wining and dining season we have reviewed a selection of the best summer terraces in town – but the Lviv Today editorial team  would like to stress that when it comes to summer terraces in this city, it pays to explore every nook and cranny.

Fashion Club
Cuisine: continental
1, Pidkova Square
Tel.: (+38032) 2728891
Hours: 24 hours.
Breakfast hours: 08:30 — 11:30
Business lunch: mon. — fri.,
hours: 12:30 — 15:00
Disco: from 23:00

Prices are slightly above average in Lviv’s Fashion Club, but that extra expense also buys a touch of exclusivity  and access to the venue with the highest flirt factor in town. During the day you will struggle to find a table on  the summer terrace as it plays host to local business meetings and sitdowns with visiting foreign business  partners. In the early evening hours the venue transforms itself into a glitzy and bling-friendly nightlife focus complete with designer labels and visiting DJs. Unsurprisingly, this formula has proven popular with the upper echelons of the  local Majori.

Italian Courtyard
6, Rynok Square
Tel.: (+38032) 2720671
Hours: 10:00 — 21:00
Is there a finer courtyard coffee shop in the world? Lviv’s Renaissanceinspired architectural masterpiece stands at the very heart of the city’s Rynok (Market) Square, hidden from view by the 18th century facades and facing away from the square itself. As you enter the courtyard it is almost impossible to escape the sensation that you are entering a haven of calm and tranquility. Gorgeous arched architecture and Juliette-style balconies decorate  the upper stories of the courtyard, while Renaissance statues litter the cou rtyard itself and lend a sense of opulent ruin. The fact that all this is available for just UAH 5 is one of the reasons why Lviv remains an old school treasure trove.

Svit Kavy (Coffee World)
6, Katedralna Square
Tel.: (+38032) 2975675
Hours: Monday –Friday: 08:00 — 22:00Weekends: 09:00 — 23:00
Menu: ukr/engl/germ
This hip and popular hangout terrace is situated literally in the shadow of the city’s splendid Latin Cathedral. As the name suggests, this is the place to come for a wide range of coffees including thirst-busting summer iced  coffee cocktails. However, don’t be surprised if this venue is full to capacity on the sunniest of days.

Cafe 1
Cuisine: continental, French, Italian
5, Katedralna Square
Tel.: (+38032) 2423369
Hours: 10:00 — 23:00
Menu: ukr./eng
Cafe 1 has earned a reputation in recent years for being one of the first venues to erect its summer terrace, leading  some wags to suggest that the arrival of the Cafe 1 summer terrace was a sure sign of the coming of spring. The venue is certainly not without its fans – it tends to be busy throughout its annual April to late September run and offers a central yet secluded summer terrace option with a great menu and excellent wine list.


Cuisine: Ukrainian, continental
7 Katedralna Street
Tel.: (+38032) 2978022
Hours: 11:00 — 23:00
Menu: ukr./eng
This seasonal spot occupies what is traditionally one of modern Lviv’s summer terrace hotspots and it remains a refreshingly down to earth and unpretentious place where foreigners and Ukrainians can both beat the heat and enjoy wholesome fare.

Cuisine: Ukrainian, continental
34, Rynok Square
Tel.:(+38032) 2355512
Hours: 10:00 — 23:00
Menu: ukr./eng
There is something slightly regal about the lush greenery and elegant arcs that dominate this summer terrace, and yet while it is secluded it also paradoxically provides fabulous views of the passing pedestrian traffic moving across  Rynok Square. Watch the world go by and experience the lazy Lviv haze on this timeless terrace.

35 Virmenska Street
Tel.: (+38032) 2975612
Hours: 11:00 — 24:00
Menu: ukr./engl./pol
Like everything connected with Dzyga Art Centre, the venue’s summer terrace is a little bit iconic. The menu is full of  the kind of authentic local cuisine you would expect from Dzyga, which as an arts group has also been behind some  of the key events in Lviv’s modern Renaissance as the spiritual capital of Ukraine. This artistic approach is evidenced in both the crowd which the venue attracts and the funky decorations which have been added over the years to the summer terrace – including pop art depictions of a young Taras Shevchenko.

Delice Hotel Terrace
Cuisine: continental
8, Samchuka Street (Stryisky Park)
Tel.: (+38032) 2970454
Hours: 11:00 — 24:00
Menu: engl./ukr
Enjoy the full freshness of Lviv’s Striysky Park at this fun summer terrace, which also offers supervised children’s play area. Striysky Park is a relic of Lviv’s glorious Habsburg past and has remained one of the most attractive  inner city greenbelt areas in Ukraine. This summer terrace is the best option for anyone looking for the countryside experience without leaving the city limits.

Livyj Bereh Festival Restaurant
Lviv Opera and Ballet Theatre
Svobody Avenue,
outside opera building
Cuisine: Ukrainian, continental
Tel.: +380504300752
Hours: 11:00 — 23:00
Menu: engl./ukr
Sample the splendour of Lviv Opera House close-up at this prime piece of summer terrace real estate, which is  located directly next to the city’s most famous landmark. But while the views are truly spectacular, the wide open spaces and hustling tourist traffic of Lviv’s opera house fountain area might not be what every terrace dweller is looking for.

Korzo Pub
10 Brativ Rogatyntsiv Street
Cuisine: continental.
Tel.: (+38032) 2757092
Hours: 12:00 — 23:00
Menu: engl./ukr
Popular with expats and famed as one of the relatively few Lviv bars that could actually justify the honour of being  known as ‘pubs’, this venue’s summer terrace offers the same Irish inspired charm and efficient service. the central  location also helps, just five minutes walk from Rynok Square.

Yapona Hata
Cuisine: sushi-bar
4 Staroevreyska Street
Tel.: (+38032) 2975117
Hours: 11:00 — 22:00
Menu: engl./ukr/rus
Most people would associate sushi space age venues full of chrome and conveyor belts, but such is Ukraine’s  passion for sushi that it was only a matter of time before we saw the sushi bar summer terrace become a mainstay in the country’s regional capitals. This place offers the whole range of Japanese dishes served professionally and efficiently.

Rumba Bar
Cuisine: continental.
4 Staroevreyska Street
Tel.: (+38 032) 2357062
Hours: 12:00 — 24:00
Menu: engl./ukr
This spot of particularly popular as a people-watching venue towards the heart of the old city where you can literally sit back and enjoy the sights of everyday Leopolitans going about their business from early afternoon until late at night. An excellent spot for summer socalising and for romantic dinners alike.

La Grotta
Cuisine: Pizza, continental
8 Virmenska Street
Tel.: (+38 032) 2354121
Hours: 10:00 — 23:00
Menu: engl./ukr
La Grotta offers a touch of seductive seclusion and an inventive brickoven providing delicious pizza as well as a diverse range of traditional Ukrainian dishes.

Confectionary/coffee shop
3 Staroevreyska Street
Tel.: (+38 032) 2356949
Hours: 10:00 — 22:00
Menu: engl./ukr/pol
Cukernya is a Leopolitan version of a Parisian sidewalk cafe – tiny table tops and chic decor make this sidewalk cafe the perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon with a cup of coffee and a newspaper, with the possible addition of some  beret-sporting company and a few books on the futility of existence. As you’d expect in such a tasteful and superbly feminine environment, the dessert menu here is well worth exploring thoroughly and is literally full of temptations.


Confectionary/coffee shop
9, Krakivska Street
Tel.: (+38 032) 2358774
Hours: 10:00 — 23:00
Menu: engl./ukr
Fresca coffee shop offers a sweettoothed al fresco dining area that offers a flavour of the industrial in an artsy setting that is conducive of long, lazy afternoons and endless summer evenings sipping wine and debating the eternal questions of life, the universe and everything.

Dim Legend (House of Legends)
48, Staroevreyska Street
Tel.: +38 050 4302924
Hours: 11:00 — 02:00
Menu: engl./ukr
This rooftop terrace is the latest addition to the Lviv summer terrace scene and it has succeeded in raising the bar  considerably with its wonderful views of the city skyline. Situated on the roof of an entire building which has been  turned into a dining and socialising emporium featuring everything from library room to halls dedicated to ancient Lviv, this terrace is likely to be one of the top places to be seen this summer dining out season.