La Piazza - The place where Lviv meets

  • La Piazza -  The place where Lviv meets
Issue 21, February 2010.

After months of anticipation Lviv recently welcomed the arrival of stylish new restaurant ‘la Piazza’. Located on the fourth floor of Lviv’s new ‘Opera Passage’ luxury shopping complex, ‘La Piazza’ is from the same business group responsible for the city’s Leopolis Hotel and its ‘Lev’ restaurant. The motto of the venue is ‘The place where Lviv society meets’ and the management of ‘La Piazza’ emphasize that their primary ambition is to create a venue which will live up to this billing and become part of the very fabric of Lviv society.
La Piazza’ is a diverse and dynamic venue which offers something for every taste alongside environments to suit every mood from business lunches to networking evenings or social celebrations. The restaurant is innovative in many ways and is the first in Ukraine to offer the ‘Easy Pay’ system of restaurant billing – each customer receives a personal card which records their various orders throughout the venue. Guests then simply present their card at the exit to receive their overall bill.
La Piazza’ is divided up into a number of themed culinary zones including a classical dining area where guests can sample soup and pasta dishes, a bar area offering drinks and desserts, and a cosy pizza area for which the venue is fast becoming famed. Guests can move from zone to zone, adding additional orders to their ‘Easy Pay’ card while enjoying ‘La Piazza’s sensational views of the historic Lviv city centre skyline.
The menu at ‘La Piazza’ has an unmistakably Italian flavour and offers something for a wide variety of tastes and budgets. A selection of Italian soups are available for UAH 12 while other specialties include the popular Italian Mix salad, which can be ordered with chicken sauté, grilled shrimps or veal fillet depending on your mood. As well as affordably prices bratwurst dishes, ‘La Piazza’ also offers an extensive selection of sizes and topping options for its excellent pizzas, including four different kinds of Italian cheese and a wide range of herbs. Meanwhile, the dessert menu is crammed with such treats as Tiramisu, traditional cheesecake and panna cotta, all made to the unique recipes of ‘La Piazza’s master chef  Peter Simon.
Everything on the ‘La Piazza’ menu is made from the finest ecologically friendly products and regular quality control measures ensure that dining at this popular new venue is not only delicious but healthy.
Chef Peter Simon is an experienced guru of Italian cuisine who creates culinary masterpieces based on authentic recipes and exclusive eco-friendly products imported directly from Italy.