Touring Lviv’s iconic sights on unique Wonder train !

  • Touring  Lviv’s iconic sights on unique Wonder train !
  • Touring  Lviv’s iconic sights on unique Wonder train !
Issue 18, November 2009.

 As more and more tourists are discovering, Lviv is a magical city where every street holds immeasurable treasures that reflect an ancient and cosmopolitan heritage dating back 750 years. Lviv annually welcomes more than one million tourists, and as the city modernises and prepares to host Euro 2012, this figure is set to rise every year. New services and leisure options are constantly springing up to cater for the growing tourist trade, but few have proved as popular as the city’s iconic ‘Wonder Train’, which offers visitors the chance to see the very best of Lviv from the comfort of a state-of-the-art German-made tourist train! Lviv’s Wonder Train first began offering tours of Lviv’s ancient Old Town area on January 1, 2009 and has proved a big hit with Ukrainian and international tourists alike. Not only is the train comfortable  but  also  designed with a sense of fun  and  adventure  in mind.


Tours on the Wonder Train take approximately one hour and depart from Rynok Square every hour from 10.00 until 17.00 (extending to 20.00 in the spring and summer months). Tours take in all the delights of the city and are not limited to the city centre. The Wonder Train can carry a total of 56 passengers, while the train’s transparent ceiling will allow everyone a great view of Lviv’s finest buildings from their street-level position. Non-Ukrainian speakers need no worry as tours of the city are also available in English, Polish, Italian, German, French and Russian.


Chudo Tours, the company behind the Wonder Train initiative, also offer a number of specially tailored walking tours of Lviv that are designed to suit all tastes and interests. Themed walking tours are available focusing on a wide range of subjects including Austrian Lviv, Polish Lviv, Jewish Lviv, Latin Lviv and more gastronomical offerings such as coffee house crawls and tours of the city’s most impressive architectural monuments. These tours combine a comprehensive historical background with plenty of fascinating anecdotes relating to Lviv’s colourful past and are a must for both tourists to the city and anyone who simply loves Living in Lviv. 

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