Upcoming Lviv

Lviv City Day

Issue 111, April 2018.
As the thriving heart of Western Ukraine, Lviv comes alive each May with a diverse and exciting range of events and activities to ignite national pride and unity and to encourage a sense of community. The events draw hundreds of thousands of locals and visitors to the Western Ukrainian capital to celebrate as a collective what it means to be a Leopolitan.

Stars of Argentinian Tango

Issue 110, March 2018.
Lviv’s lovely M. Zankovetska National Drama Theatre will host the Stars of Argentinian Tango for a concert in the Western Ukrainian capital on 29 March. Fans of the world’s most passionate and romantic dance style will be delighted by the wonderful choreography of Simone Facchini and Gioia Abballe and the beautiful compositions of the famed Tango Spleen Orquesta under the guidance of Argentina’s Mariano Speranza.

Easter celebrations

Issue 110, March 2018.
Easter is an especially festive time of year in Lviv, which has long been a city where the wide range of religious identities present in our population have more of a reason to celebrate. Lviv has always been a crossroads where the historic empires of the Orthodox and Christian churches have met, but given the diverse ethnic makeup of ancient Lviv, Easter has traditionally been a time of year when different denominations have been conciliatory as they celebrate the miracle of resurrection according to their own beliefs. In Ukraine, Easter is called Velykden (Great Day) and is the Ukrainian Orthodox Church’s most important holiday.

Ski Events at Bukovel

Issue 110, March 2018.
Bukovel Ski Resort – Ukraine’s largest and most popular – will play host to several exciting ski competitions next month that you will not want to miss. With modern hotels, spas, and restaurants, Bukovel is Ukraine’s most European winter resort.

Creative Evening with Lesya Nikityuk

Issue 110, March 2018.
Lesya Nikityuk – one of Ukraine’s most popular TV presenters – is set to entertain Leopolitans and guests of the city with a creative evening at Lviv’s Palace of Culture for Railway Workers on 18 March.

Artistic Glassware on Display

Issue 110, March 2018.
It is impossible to imagine our way of life, housing interior, or public spaces without the beauty of artistically processed glass. Invented long ago, glass has for centuries improved manufacturing technology, artistically enriched its forms, and expanded the process line. In some countries, such as Italy, Sweden, and the Czech Republic, glass manufacturing has become part of the national identity. In fact, one might consider glass art as a ‘window on the world’.

ELSA 73 Council Meeting

Issue 110, March 2018.
The International Council Meeting of Law Students will be held in Lviv from 15-22 April. Organised by the European Law Students’ Association (ELSA), an independent, non-political, non-profit organisation, the event is expected to draw more than 400 participants.

Agroport West

Issue 110, March 2018.
Held in three cities, Agroport is one of the biggest agrarian events in Eastern Europe. This international farming development forum focuses on the individual interests of local agricultural producers.

Dream Handmade Fest

Issue 110, March 2018.
The Dream Handmade Festival is a holiday market featuring contemporary artisans, designers, farmers, and food producers. Held over the last weekend in March, the sale is your one-stop holiday shop in Lviv.

The Extravagant Dakh Daughters

Issue 110, March 2018.
Ukraine’s always intriguing Dakh Daughters are bringing their new show to Lviv’s M. Zankovetska Drama Theatre on 16 April. Named after the theatre from which it evolved, the Dakh Daughters is a music and theatre ensemble founded in Kyiv in 2012.