Upcoming Lviv

Lviv Chocolate Festival

Issue 94, October 2016.
There is just so much to love about Lviv – including the delicious Lviv Chocolate Festival! Each year the Lviv Chocolate Festival brings together some of our favourite things in life – music, shopping, good times, and chocolate! Each event attracts some of Europe’s dreamiest, most mouth-watering chocolate creations by dozens of Ukrainian and foreign chocolatiers, from 100 tastings at the first event in 2008 to over 500 this year! This October over 30 chocolate vendors from around the country will share their chocolate delicacies with sweet-toothed Leopolitans and guests of the city, while celebrity chefs will demonstrate some of the city’s most exciting dessert dishes. And that’s not all!

Cheese & Wine Festival

Issue 94, October 2016.
One of Lviv’s most anticipated culinary festivals is set to return to the very heart of the ancient city as the Cheese & Wine Festival will take over the Lviv Art Palace from October 21-23. Leopolitan cheese lovers and guests of the city can expect over 200 types of cheese from more than 30 local artisan cheese companies. Thirsty visitors will be able to choose from a wide selection of flavours from different regions, including reds, whites, and a selection of homemade ciders and spirits. Also on hand to compliment the wine and cheese will be a selection of artisan chutneys, breads, oils, and cheesecakes.

Legendary Virsky Ensemble in Lviv

Issue 94, October 2016.
Ukraine’s iconic Virsky National Folk Dance Ensemble will bring their incredible talents to Lviv’s exquisite Opera & Ballet Theatre on October 25th for a special festive concert to honour the 111th anniversary of group’s creator Pavlo Virsky. For the past 75 years, Virsky has become a calling card of Ukrainian culture, gaining popularity and fans not only in folklore and choreography circles, but among the general public as well. During the Soviet days, they were one of the few groups able to avoid the ideological snares and present Ukrainian culture in its genuine purity.

Furniture Exhibition Comes to Lviv

Issue 94, October 2016.
Lviv’s rapid progress in the construction and real estate sectors has seen the launching of many new commercial, residential, and tourism projects. This has created a demand for interior and outdoor design, décor, and furnishings. To meet this demand, Lviv’s Pivdennyi EXPO exhibition centre will host the S.T.I. Lviv exhibition from October 26th-29th.

Daring Dances by Legendary Erisioni

Issue 94, October 2016.
An unforgettable night of traditional Georgian dance and national melodies is in store for Leopolitans and guests of the city on November 7th as the Georgian National Dance & Music Ensemble Erisioni visits Lviv’s gorgeous Opera & Ballet Theatre. Erisioni was founded in 1885 and today is recognised as one of the world’s greatest ethnic dance groups. Their masterful delivery of stories from Georgian national history is presented by more than a hundred professional artists in magnificent dances, music, and songs. Supplemented by unforgettable costumes, one-of-a-kind decorations, and fantastic special effects, the group transforms the show into a triumph of Caucasian culture on the world stage.

Toto Cutogno at Lviv’s Opera House

Issue 94, October 2016.
Legendary Italian singer and composer Toto Cutugno is coming to the Western Ukrainian capital to perform at Lviv’s iconic Opera & Ballet Theatre on November 15th. Hailing from the Tuscan town of Fosdinovo, he composed hits for such European stars as Joe Dassin, Mireille Mathieu, and Dalida before winning the 1990 Eurovision Song Contest for Italy.

The Enchanting Guitar of Francis Goya

Issue 94, October 2016.
Belgium’s notable classical guitarist Francis Goya will enchant Leopolitans and guests of the city with his exquisite guitar riffs live in concert at Lviv’s picturesque Opera & Ballet Theatre on November 8th. Since his first solo single (Nostalgia) became an international hit in the 1970s, reaching #1 in Belgium, Holland, Germany, Norway, and Brazil, he has released 50 albums, many of which have gone on to gold or platinum status.

German Film Festival Returns to Lviv

Issue 94, October 2016.
Leopolitan movie fans and guests of the city are on the edge of their (cinema) seats, waiting with anticipation for the exciting selection of modern German films that will be showcased as part of this year’s German Film Festival beginning on November 3rd. The programme features some of the top German films of the last 12 months representing a variety of genres.

Garou Coming to Lviv

Issue 94, October 2016.
Popular French Canadian singer Pierre Garand, affectionately known by his stage name Garou, will perform at Lviv’s luxurious Opera & Ballet Theatre on October 19th. Known for his work in the musical Notre-Dame de Paris, where he played Quasimodo in both the French and English versions, he gained popularity through #1 singles like Belle, Seul, Sous le Vent, and La Riviere de Notre Enfance.

Manhattan Short Film Festival

Issue 93, September 2016.
An extraordinary global event will take place from September 23 – October 2 when over 150,000 people in over 300 cities across six continents will gather in cinemas, galleries, museums, and cafes for the sole purpose of viewing and voting on the finalists in this year’s Manhattan Short Film Festival. The event is a celebration of cinema that occurs simultaneously around the globe, bringing great films to great venues and allowing audiences to select their favourites. Winners will be announced on the ManhattanShort.com home page.