Upcoming Lviv

Parajanov Festival in Levandivka

Issue 103, July 2017.
Taking place in one of Lviv’s more remote and industrial districts – Levandivka – the Parajanov Festival kicked off the whole new cinema art movement in Ukraine. The festival takes its name from a Ukrainian legend of cinematic art, Sergey Parajanov. One of the 20th Century’s greatest masters of cinema, Parajanov was born in Georgia to Armenian parents. It was never likely that his work would conform to the strict socialist realism that the Soviet authorities demanded, so he carved out his own unique cinematic style. Through films like ‘Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors’ (Tini Zabutyh Predkiv), a rhapsodic celebration of Ukrainian folk culture, and ‘The Colour of Pomegranates’ (Nran Guyne), a masterpiece about Armenian poet Sayat Nova, Parajanov became an international celebrity, even as his films were banned at home and he was imprisoned. His films were just beginning to hit the foreign film festival circuit when he died in 1990.

LvivMozArt Festival

Issue 103, July 2017.
The spectacular LvivMozArt is a festival of classical music and opera and is the newest addition to Lviv’s busy festival scene. The festival is dedicated to the musical heritage of Mozart’s youngest son, Franz Xaver, who lived and worked in Lviv for 30 years (1808-38) and actively promoted music in the city. He was the founder of Lviv’s first music union, the St. Cecilia Choir Society, which put Lviv on the map alongside other European music centres. Leopolitans are proud that Franz Xaver Mozart is a part of the city’s history and to honour his legacy, are adding this innovative musical tradition as the newest chapter in the city’s rich musical heritage.

‘Music in Old Lviv’ International Festival

Issue 103, July 2017.
Some of the biggest names in classical and fine music will converge in Lviv’s historic centre as part of the ‘Music in Old Lviv’ international festival from 13-31 August. The idea first occurred in 2014, as Lviv’s Virtuosos Academic Chamber Orchestra celebrated its 20th anniversary. Serhiy Burko, a People’s Artist of Ukraine, together with his Polish partner Stanislaw Galonski, the director of ‘Music in Old Krakow’, brought the idea to life. What makes this festival unique is that concerts are held simultaneously in churches, memorials, and historical places in both Lviv and Krakow. The Twin Cities attract famous artists and bands from around the world and debut talented, young musicians alongside them.

Etnovyr Folklore Festival

Issue 103, July 2017.
The Etnovyr Folklore Festival, which highlights the bright, beautiful, sensual, magical, inspirational, and unforgettable nature of cultures from around the world, has become an enormous success since launching a few years ago. Organised by CIOFF (Organisations of Festivals of Folklore and Traditional Arts), the festival aims to discover talented new performers and to present their skills and multicultural traditions to Leopolitan culture lovers and guests of the city. The festival also hopes to introduce friends with similar interests, to enrich Ukraine’s multicultural culture through the mutual respect of cultural traditions around the planet, to popularise the creative works of youth, and to improve the professional qualifications of art leaders.

Model Gliders World Championships

Issue 103, July 2017.
The 2017 FAI F3K Model Glider World Championships is coming to a flying field near Lviv from 23-29 July. Leopolitan aviation lovers and guests of the city are welcome to attend this spectacular event that will include breathtaking glider flights and plenty of entertaining outdoor activities. A radio-controlled glider is a type of aircraft that normally doesn’t have any form of propulsion. They are able to sustain continuous flight by exploiting the lift produced by slopes and thermals and are controlled remotely from the ground with a transmitter. They can be constructed from a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, polymer foams, and composites, and can vary in wing loading from very light to relatively heavy, depending on their intended use.

Boykivsky Festyny Ethno-Fest

Issue 103, July 2017.
The sixth Boykivsky Festyny Ethno-Festival – held only once every five years (!) – will take place in the Turka region of Lviv oblast from 2-6 August. The Boykos are an ethnic group of Ukrainian highlanders that live along the slopes in the middle of the Carpathian Mountains in the Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Transcarpathian oblasts.

World Federation of Ukrainian Lemko Unions Congress

Issue 103, July 2017.
Lviv will play host to the World Federation of Ukrainian Lemko Unions Congress from 24-26 August. The event will see the congress take place at Lviv Regional Council in conjunction with a formal reception as part of the third ‘Homin Lemkivshcyny’ regional festival of Lemko culture in the village of Zymna Voda just outside Lviv. The Lemkos are an ethnic subgroup of Ukrainians inhabiting a stretch of the Carpathian Mountains known as Lemkivshchyna. Ukraine has signed – but not honoured – the Copenhagen agreement granting self-identified Lemkos minority rights status in Ukraine. This differs from neighbouring Slovakia, which identifies Lemkos as a subgroup of Ruthenians, an East Slavic minority distinct from Ukrainians.

The Musical Delights of Lyudkevych Fest

Issue 103, July 2017.
Lviv – the Ukrainian festival capital – will host a new musical festival called Lyudkevych Fest from 8-17 September. Dedicated to famed Ukrainian composer, teacher, and musical activist Stanyslav Lyudkevych, the festival will be held at 10 locations and feature 30 artists from across the country at 20 extraordinary musical events. Leopolitan music lovers and guests of the city won’t want to miss out on the concerts, workshops, roundtable discussions, or educational excursions that the festival will also have to offer.

Music festival as spectacular summer vacation

Issue 103, July 2017.
Here comes the hot and sizzling July and August – the perfect time for vacations and holidays! People are looking for interesting spots to visit, to see something new and unusual. Beach and seaside resorts are too popular in summer, making it difficult and expensive to make reservations. Instead, Lviv Today encourages you to take a different vacation this summer, one full of rich experiences. Besides all the marvelous places in Ukraine that are certainly worth a visit, you can also visit one of our many nation-wide famous festivals. Ukraine may not be the main destination for foreign music fans, but it offers some very interesting options for mid-range music festivals. Choose whichever of the following it to your liking and, whatever you decide to do, enjoy your summer vacations!

‘Show Promise’ Exhibition

Issue 102, June 2017.
The Lviv Art Palace will be home to the Zenko Foundation’s ‘Show Promise’ exhibition beginning from 13 June. The show aims to erase the borders between reality and fiction, and to show that despite all the disturbances, the only constant thing is that human nature strives for a better future. The instability and collapse of plans and relationships that knock our feet out from under us opens more space for the immaterial – faith, nihilism, doubts, hopes, fears. In search for support in this shaky and unpredictable place is art – one of the most reliable and accurate instruments to serve as both a reflection of the past and an explorer of the future. Without laying the route along the strait, comfortable, predictable path, in art one can define the reference points.