Upcoming Lviv

Marketing Forum Ukraine

Issue 128, November 2019.
Are you looking to make face-to-face connections with new people, in person, real time? Then the Marketing Forum Ukraine on 28 November is just right for you! We believe in the power of being present. In a technologoical era, face-to-face interaction is still the most effective way of forming collaborative business connections.

‘The Rising Hawk’ Premiers – Ukraine’s Most Anticipated Film Release Ever!

Issue 127, October 2019.
Ukrainian cinema continues to reach new heights and cool, new films keep becoming more famous and successful. For decades, Ukraine’s modest film industry has been overshadowed by neighbouring Russia’s – and Russian films still garner much more attention, acclaim, and money. But in the years since a corrupt, eastward-looking government was toppled in 2014, Ukrainian cinema has enjoyed a moment in the spotlight, bolstered by a wave of nationalist fervour, an energised class of passionate young filmmakers, and increased state funding.

Study Abroad Exhibition

Issue 127, October 2019.
Are you looking for an unforgettable experience of a lifetime? Studying abroad can be an exciting opportunity for you to experience life – and learn! – beyond your front door. On 19 October, Lviv’s Grand Hotel will host the Study Abroad Exhibition, where potential students and their parents can meet representatives from some of the leading colleges and universities in Canada, the USA, the UK, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, and more.

The Rasmus with Dead Letters Anniversary European Tour

Issue 127, October 2019.
Finnish goth-rockers The Rasmus will bring their European tour to Arena Lviv on 27 October. Formed in Helsinki in 1994 while still in high school, the band has become one of Finland’s most successful with more than 3.5 million albums sold, eight gold records, and five platinum.

NASA Space Apps Challenge

Issue 127, October 2019.
Now in its eighth year, the NASA Space Apps Challenge takes place around the globe. An intense 48-hour hackathon for coders, scientists, designers, storytellers, builders, and technologists from around the world, the event engages over 18,000 participants in 75 countries to use NASA’s free and open data to address real-world problems in Space and on Earth.

Lviv Open Debate Tournament

Issue 127, October 2019.
Western Ukraine’s largest debate tournament – the Lviv Open – will take place at the Lviv Polytechnic National University on 26-27 October. Debating is a movement that unites students worldwide under the common pursuit of self-improvement, development, and changing the world for the better. Debate blurs geographical borders and breaks down language barriers, proving convincingly that disputes are best resolved through peaceful means and by intellectual opposition.

Lviv Fitness Weekend

Issue 127, October 2019.
One of the biggest mind and body events in Western Ukraine – the Lviv Fitness Weekend – will take place in the city from 18-20 October. Lviv Fitness Weekend keeps Lviv’s fitness industry vibrant by offering Leopolitans the most cutting-edge information from world-renowned experts. The event motivates our fitness community by expanding participants’ education and providing hand-on experience and in-person instruction from industry-leading trainers in Pilates, Yoga, Body Art, Full Body stretch, TRX force, Portdebras, and Hitworks.

Alina Pash Brings Pinteatour to Lviv

Issue 127, October 2019.
Be sure to save the date of 9 November in your calendar as one of the newest names on the Ukrainian music scene – Alina Pash – will perform at Lviv’s !FESTRepublic Club. Hailing from Transcarpathia, Alina’s original and zingy image has her destined for stardom. She is considered one of 2018’s best discoveries thanks to her extravagant and easy-going style that mixes hip-hop and electronica with her Ukrainian ethnicity.

International Economic Forum

Issue 127, October 2019.
The 19th Lviv International Economic Forum (LIEF) – ‘Invest in the Lviv Region’ – will take place at Arena Lviv from 31 October to 1 November. LIEF is a major conference focused on the future of economic development – not just in Lviv or Ukraine, but covering the global economic development agenda.

Family Fest Vol. 4: The Addams Family

Issue 127, October 2019.
Lviv’s !FESTRepublic Club will host the Family Fest Vol. 4: The Addams Family event – a celebration of handmade goods – on 26 October. Designed to introduce Leopolitans and guests of the city with an inspiring collection of creative people and skilled crafters, organisers handpick individuals from all of Ukraine’s regions to showcase their incredible products.