Upcoming Lviv

Lviv IT Jazz Conference

Issue 102, June 2017.
Representatives of major IT, investment, and business companies will gather in Lviv on 23 June for the IT Jazz Conference, an annual event that focuses on the trending topics in the tech industry. Surrounded by a unique atmosphere of jazz music, the one-day conference is a great networking platform and opens a whole range of new business opportunities to entrepreneurs and investors.

Picasso Nightclub Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

Issue 102, June 2017.
When Lviv’s hopping Picasso Club opened up in 1997, it’s hard to believe the city’s nightlife scene was quiet and even shadowy. Lviv has changed so much since then, and the city’s nightlife scene has matured and diversified. Against the odds, the Picasso Club has been able to keep up with the changing times. Today, Picasso is one of Lviv’s hottest nightclubs with huge crowds every night of the week. With great drink specials, a massive sound system, stylish décor inspired by its eponymous Spanish artist, and friendly staff, it’s easy to see why.

K&K Philharmoniker Jubilee Concert

Issue 102, June 2017.
Ukrainian-Austrian symphonic orchestra K&K Philharmoniker invites Leopolitan musical lovers and guests of the city to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the group with a special jubilee concert at the S. Ludkevich Philharmonic Concert Hall on 29 June. Under the bouncing baton of charismatic conductor Mathhias Kendlinger, the show will feature Mozart’s The Magical Flute, a philosophical opera about the utopian world of goodness and wisdom and dark and light forces.

Italian Cinema Week

Issue 102, June 2017.
Italian Cinema Week kicks off in Lviv – and across Ukraine – on 22 June. The program features films that participated in the prestigious Cannes, Venice, Berlin, and Tokyo film festivals. Classic Italian films from the 1970s were quite popular in Ukraine at the time and organisers hope to introduce Ukrainian audiences to modern Italian cinema in order to continue the tradition of cultural exchange between the two nations.

Alfa Jazz Fest ‘17

Issue 102, June 2017.
Lviv’s Alfa Jazz Fest is an international open-air jazz festival and one of the biggest festivals on Lviv’s cultural calendar. Each June since 2011, world class musicians coverge on three stages in Lviv’s downtown area to perform in front of over 40,000 Leopolitan music lovers and guests of the city. The Eddie Rosner main stage, where tickets are required, is located at the B. Khmelnytsky Culture Park, while free stages are located in the city’s historic district (Potocki Palace Square) and city centre (Rynok Square).

Lviv on a Plate Art Exhibition

Issue 102, June 2017.
Decorative plates are a common travel souvenir all around the world. While plates are normally used for eating, some are actually created for decorative purposes. You can mount them on your wall or place them on a stand to display the beautiful artwork at your own home or office.

Global Music Day

Issue 102, June 2017.
The Fête de la Musique, AKA ‘the worldwide celebration of music’, is an annual music festival that takes place each 21 June in cities around the world. Created back in 1982 by French Minister of Culture Jack Lang, the event has become an international phenomenon, celebrated in more than 740 cities in 116 countries around the world – including Ukraine.

Ukrainian Streetball League Championship

Issue 102, June 2017.
Streetball, or street basketball, is a variation of basketball featuring significantly less formal structure and enforcement of the game’s rules and typically played on outdoor courts. This allows players to better display their individual talents. Considered an extension of hip-hop culture, streetball can even refer to other urban sports played on asphalt. It is particularly popular in larger cities, with some organising streetball programs similar to midnight basketball programs.

“Night in Lviv” festival

Issue 102, June 2017.
It’s time again for Lviv’s museums to open their doors at night to Leopolitans and guests of the city as “Night in Lviv” festival returns to the Western Ukrainian capital from 14-16 July. Organisers promise the tours to be more interesting and exciting than ever!


Issue 101, May 2017.
On May 19th at 19.00 Lviv’s museum-cultural complex “Lvivarnya” will play host for the presentation of cruise collection 2017 by recognized Ukrainian designer Roksolana Bogutska. The fashion collection will feature colorful mix of modern trends and authentic Ukrainian ethno motifs.