Upcoming Lviv

Cheese & Wine Festival

Issue 127, October 2019.
Lviv’s annual Cheese & Wine Festival – an exquisite market-style event celebrating cheese and everything that goes with it – returns to Lviv from 18-20 October. Celebrating the match made in heaven – cheese and wine – with all thing fermented has never looked (or tasted!) so good.

Lviv Fashion Week - Spring/Summer 2020

Issue 126, September 2019.
Lviv will host the 24th season of Lviv Fashion Week from 10-13 October. Leopolitan fashionistas and guests of the city will be delighted with Lviv Orchestra Fashion - the official opening event on 10 October - where Marta Wachholz's newest collection will be accompanied by music especially composed for the event by Ukrainian composer Ivan Nebesnyy and played by the lovely INSO-Lviv Symphony Orchestra.

Lviv SMM Forum 2019

Issue 126, September 2019.
The Social Media Marketing Forum - a premiere event for digital and social marketing professionals - will take place at Arena Lviv on 5 October. Startups, companies, and marketers - all can benefit from the free Social Media Forum. You can ask your questions, network with colleagues in your field, and get a social media consultation for your business.

Extravagant art of Maria Prymachenko

Issue 126, September 2019.
Delightful exhibition of magical animals, birds, and flowers will be held in Lviv during September 3 - October 20th. Lviv’s National Andrey Sheptytskyy Museum has opened a new art exhibition featuring 60 of Maria Prymachenko’s artistic works.

Manhattan Short Film Festival

Issue 126, September 2019.
The Manhattan Short Film Festival – an extraordinary global event – will take place in Lviv from 26 September to 6 October. Over 100,000 people in over 250 cities will gather in over 350 cinemas and galleries on six continents to view an exciting lineup of some of the world’s top short films.

Virtuoso Pianist Peter Bence

Issue 126, September 2019.
Lviv’s signature Opera & Ballet Theatre will play host to the internationally acclaimed Peter Bence on 30 September. The virtuoso pianist will thrill Leopolitan music lovers and guests of the city with his incredible talent, which includes holding the Guinness World Record for “Fastest Piano Player”.

No Drama Charity Day

Issue 126, September 2019.
No Drama Charity Day is a place to have a great time doing great things. Initiated jointly by the Lviv Educational Centre for Human Rights (LECHR), the creative Friday Agency, and the GRAM branding team, the event is a super-charged day full of happiness, kindness, and honesty. It’s all about making marvelous memories.

Laurin Talese & A Novel Idea

Issue 126, September 2019.
Lviv’s Philharmonic Theatre will host an unforgettable evening of world class jazz on 26 September. Laurin Talese and her jazz and soul ensemble A Novel Idea have shared their brand of cinematic jazz for the better part of a decade.

Lviv IT Arena Conference

Issue 126, September 2019.
Lviv IT Arena – one of the biggest IT events in Eastern Europe – returns to the Western Ukrainian capital from 27-29 September. With more than 140,000 IT professionals, Ukraine has become the most prominent IT hub in Central and Eastern Europe.

30th Golden Lion International Theatre Festival

Issue 126, September 2019.
The Golden Lion International Theatre Festival is a celebration of art, culture, and traditions in the form of theatre performances. The festival dates to 1989 when the Ukrainian Festival of Alternative Non-State Theatres was held in Lviv for the first time. It took its Golden Lion moniker in 1992 when it became a fully-fledged festival in Ukraine.