Upcoming Lviv

Christmas Season

Issue 118, December 2018.
The Spirit of Christmas is coming to Lviv and bringing along with it lots of fun and expectations for the coming merry season, for now it is time to take a break and enjoy your days filled with shopping, dining, and socializing. Lviv’s Christmas markets - Rynok Square and the Alley in front of the Lviv Opera & Ballet Theatre (Svobody Ave.)- opened on 7 December to officially kickoff the festive season.

Kvitka: Encore!

Issue 117, November 2018.
A special concert dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the birth of the incredible Kvitka Cisyk will take place at Lviv’s charming M. Zankovetska Drama Theatre on 14 November. Born in the USA to a family of Ukrainian emigrants, Cisyk studied at the New York Conservatory where she mastered her vocal technique and perfected her voice – a very rare coloratura soprano timbre.

Jamala’s New Album Concert

Issue 117, November 2018.
Jamala – the Ukrainian winner of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest – will host a concert at Lviv’s Malevich Night Club to showcase her new album Kryla (Wings). Jamala has continued to dazzle European and Ukrainian audiences since her triumph in Stockholm and is sure to impress all Leopolitan music fans and guests of the city when performing in the Western Ukrainian capital.

Lesi Street Fest (Winter Edition)

Issue 117, November 2018.
The Lesi Street Fest – a vibrant celebration of community, culture, and entrepreneurial spirt featuring over 30 chefs and restaurants – will take place in Lviv’s city centre on 15 December.

Vlad De Briansky World Tour

Issue 117, November 2018.
The Ukrainian-born, American virtuoso guitarist Vlad De Briansky will perform a special concert of blues, jazz, rock, and classical music for Leopolitan music lovers and guests of the city at the Lviv Philharmonic Theatre on 3 December. Known professionally as Vlad, he’ll showcase his unique method of playing with his fingernails, whereas most people perform with a pick. He is also known for using his Fender Telecaster guitar with an overdone reverb. Critics compare him to Eric Clapton, Ry Cooder, and Pat Metheny.

Enigmatic DakhaBrakha Returns to Lviv

Issue 117, November 2018.
Leopolitan music lovers and guests of the city won’t want to miss DakhaBrakha – one of Ukraine’s most spectacular folk bands – when they play at Lviv’s lovely M. Zankovetska Drama Theatre on 19 November. When at a DakhaBrakha concert, the first things you notice are the outfits of the singers. Iryna Kovalenko, Olena Tsybulska, and Nina Garanetska have become icons of modern Ukrainian fashion with their towering lamb’s-wool hats, long, white dresses, and traditional beaded necklaces. Their fashion style is a beautiful blend of traditional and modern Ukraine – just like their music. They describe their folk and punk rock sound as “ethno chaos”.

‘World Stars of Ballet’ in Lviv

Issue 117, November 2018.
Ukrainian-born dancer Vladimir Malakhov will highlight the grand ‘World Stars of Ballet’ gala at Lviv’s spectacular Opera & Ballet Theatre on 26 November. Labeled as the ‘Dancer of the Century’, Malakhov studied at the prestigious Moscow State Academy of Choreography and became a soloist at the Moscow Classical Ballet in 1986. He has starred at the Vienna State Opera, the National Ballet of Canada, and the American Ballet Theatre and performed on the famous stages at the Bolshoi and Mariinsky Theatres. The award-winning dancer has spent much of the last twenty years as an artistic director at Staatsoper Berlin and Deutsche Opera.

WABBA’s Ukrainian Bodybuilding Championships

Issue 117, November 2018.
WABBA (World Amateur Body Building Association) will host its Ukrainian Bodybuilding Championships at Lviv’s Malevich Night Club on 18 November. Established by bodybuilding legend Serge Nubret after Arnold Schwarzenegger won Mr. Olympia in 1975, WABBA has grown into one of the major bodybuilding federations in the world.

Legendary Kutaisi Presents ‘Georgian Christmas’

Issue 117, November 2018.
An unforgettable night of traditional Georgian dance and melodies awaits Leopolitan music lovers and guests of the city when Georgia’s legendary Kutaisi Song and Dance State Ensemble visits Lviv’s wonderful M. Zankovetska Drama Theatre on 3 December.

Lviv iCamp

Issue 117, November 2018.
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