Upcoming Lviv

Rocking away the Ukrainian way!

Issue 15, July 2009.
This rowdy and exuberant summer rock festival is a self-conscious attempt to celebrate the fastmaturing Ukrainian rock scene while also raising awareness of ecological issues in the country’s picture-perfect Carpathian mountain region.

Come back of old guards - «Fort.Missia-2009»

Issue 14, June 2009.
During July, 10-12 in Lviv region will be launched new experimental and original festival «Fort.Missia-2009». First World War unique defensive forts on Ukraine-Poland border close to Popovytchi village (near town of Shegyni) will host festival activities. It will be possible to get on this territory only one time in a year and only in a festival period.

International Music Festival “Stare Selo”

Issue 14, June 2009.
Festival “Stare Selo” will be held from 17th to 19th July in the village Stare Selo, which is located only 22 kilometres from the city. Picturesque, romantic and legendary old castle – one of the biggest of Ukraine, will host three days of non-stop music festival. List of participants is sensational, featuring talented masters of world’s best dance floors, who are about to rock on Ukraine in July!

New arrival of ethno grand!

Issue 14, June 2009.
International festival “ArtPole 2009” 12-18 July, Vorobiyivka village, Podiya region International festival “ArtPole 2009” is new arrival of the known “Sheshory” ethno fest. This year, festival will last for the whole week – in addition to live concerts and performances, participants and gusts will have great chance to enjoy picturesque landscapes of Ukrainian nature, benefit from numerous catching master classes, and try themselves in various challenging art-projects.

Improvised Classical Genius at International Festival

Issue 14, June 2009.
“Improvisations” International Festival of Classical Music, June 21 – July 5, Lviv Orang and Chamber Music Hall (8, Stepan Bandera Street) This summer will see a veritable feast of classical music in Lviv with the second annual Improvisation festival, which attracts a wide range of accomplished musicians from across the world to the cultural capital of the former Soviet Union.

World Culture Festival in Rural Ukraine

Issue 14, June 2009.
International Festival of World Culture, July 31 – August 1, Village of Svirzh, Lviv Oblast Ukraine has always been a borderland and international crossroads where different cultures have met in war and peace, so it is perhaps fitting that the country’s most multicultural region, Lviv, should be playing host to an annual festival which invites people from all over the world to come and learn more about different cultures while also showcasing their own folk traditions.

Beach Party in the City Without a river!

Issue 14, June 2009.
Starting from June 20, Pool Parties, Medyk Leisure Zone (24, Gorbachevskogo str., Lviv) Lviv is famed for many things including its ancient culture and multi-ethnic heritage, but there is also no denying that the city is synonymous with water shortages having lost its one river due to changes in the regional water table some 100 years ago.

Gathering of World-Class Brains

Issue 14, June 2009.
Statistical Physics: Modern Trends and Applications, International Conference, June 23-25, Institute of Condensed Matter Physics This keynote scientific event is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Professor Mykola Bogolubov, the Ukrainian scientist whose work did much to develop the field of quantum physics. An exhibition about the life and scientific activities of Bogolyubov will be presented during the conference. This exhibition is intended to be mobile and to remain on display until September 2009, during which time it will go on tour and be exhibited to audiences across Ukraine.

Paintball Euros in Lviv

Issue 14, June 2009.
European Paintball Championship , Lviv Stage of the Continental Grand Tour, June 20-21, Shkolyaryk Stadium (1 Vakhnyanyna Street, Lviv, close to Lycharkiv Cemetery) The sport of paintballing has developed rapidly since appearing in the early 1990s and is now moving away from purely recreational status towards better competitive regulation and the kind of status once reserved for more established sporting activities like football and chess.

French Animation on Screen

Issue 14, June 2009.
Night of French Animated Films in Lviv, June 19-20, Kinopalace (22 Teatralna Street, Lviv)