Upcoming Lviv

Christmas Gift from Lviv’s Hotels & Restaurants

Issue 19, December 2009.
“Winter in Lviv 2010” project, discounts in participating hotels and restaurants across the city on 19 December As part of the ongoing efforts to make Lviv as marketable as possible as a Christmas tourism destination, the everactive Lviv City Council has joined forces with the Lviv Guild of Restaurant Owners and participating hotels to produce a one-off event that will provide Lviv citizens and visitors to the city with the chance to indulge themselves in some of West Ukraine’s most celebrated venues at heavily discounted rates for one day only! On December 19 and only on December 19 everyone will be able to enjoy halfprice discounts on a wide variety of goods and services at participating venues.

New Year with a Lviv Legend

Issue 19, December 2009.
New Year concert with Slava Vakarchuk, Lviv Opera House, January 2, performances begin at 18.00 and 21.00 Lviv’s majestic National Opera and Ballet Theatre will be hosting Ukrainian rock legend Slava Vakarchuk at its traditional annual New Year concert this year.

Video Art Extravaganza Boosts Alternative Scene

Issue 19, December 2009.
“Videologia” festival of musical video, Lviv Art Palace (17, Kopernika str.) December 19-20 Lviv has earned a reputation in recent years as an up-andcoming alternative venue for the visual arts and this reputation looks set to be enhanced by this December’s ‘Videologia’ festival which will feature a wide range of musical documentaries, live concert screenings, video clips and other examples of modern musical visual arts. The main programme of the festival will feature six screenings of one and a half hours in length, while fans of fast flicks will no doubt enjoy the ‘100 films in one session’ concept, a headlong rush into the world of ten-second attention spans and adolescent artistic aesthetics where films are condensed into a single minute and shown en masse over a single one hour forty minute sitting.

Snow Whites Wanted

Issue 19, December 2009.
Miss Student Beauty Pageant, 24 December, Millennium Nightclub (2, Chornovola Street) Most cultures venerate a Father Christmas figure dressed in red robes and sporting a long white beart and jovial disposition, but only Slavic culture has Snegorochka, the seductive show princess whose blue and white trimmed winter outfits disguise a playful and flirtatious character that has echoes of pagan fertility myths and ancient Slavic forms of worship.

Festive Gala

Issue 19, December 2009.
Sniznist festive concert, January 8, 9, 10, National Academic Ukrainian Drama Theatre named after Mariya Zankovetska (1, L. Ukrainka str., Lviv) This festive musical treat will offer partied out Lviv citizens the chance to unwind and sample the delights of the Christmas fairytale just like they did as kids.

Carols for Lviv Kids

Issue 19, December 2009.
Snizhnist children’s concerts, Lviv Art Palace (17 Kopernika Str.), December 17 – December 27 This year’s festive season will see Lviv’s Art Palace embark on a new season of fun Christmas celebrations for all thefamily that will include this series of children-friendly musical concerts based around the seasonal music of the album‘Snizhnist’ by Yury Gnatkovskiy and Yuliya Lord.

Chinese Art

Issue 19, December 2009.
“Play Ink – Ink Play” exhibition of modern Chinese theatrical opera painting, Lviv Art Palace (Kopernyka str., 15), December 8 until January 5 This exhibition featuring works of art used in performances at the Beijing Opera has been on tour for over a decade and has proved enormously popular around the world.

Ice Art Invasion!

Issue 19, December 2009.
Snow and ice sculpture festival, Rynok Square and Lviv old town, early January Lviv has always been famed as a city of inspired artists and so it has come as no surprise to see that the art of ice sculpture is thriving in the West Ukrainian capital.

Traditional Folksy Christmas in Lviv!

Issue 19, December 2009.
Christmas and New Year festive season, events across town and throughout Lviv Oblast As one of the great historic crossroads between the Orthodox and Catholic worlds, Lviv has always been a little corner of Europe where Christmas is celebrated with particular gusto and brotherly love. The adherence to two separate religious calendars which marks the city’s legendary inter-faith plurality means that Leopolitans get to celebrate Christmas from mid-December until well beyond the Julian calendar nostalgia of Old New Year on January 14, making it the longest holiday period in an annual Lviv calendar which is already generously attired with feast days and extended breaks.

SALUS FOUNDATION presents culinary show contest “Taste of Life” dedicated “World ANTI AIDS Day”

Issue 18, November 2009.
On November 30, Lviv’s College of Restaurant services and tourism (Pulyja str., 36) will host culinary contest “Taste of Life” dedicated to World fight against AIDS.