Upcoming Lviv

Pidkamin Ethno Festival

Issue 37, July 2011.
The fifth Pidkamin International Ethno Festival will include fire shows, knight tournaments and cycle rides to ancient castles amongst picturesque landscapes. Cossack games, sports-military competitions, traditional handcrafts, rock-climbing lessons and folk band gigs ensure fun for all

The Third “LvivKlezFest” Jewish Culture Festival

Issue 37, July 2011.
The Lviv Klezmer Feast (“LvivKlezFest”) is an international festival of Jewish music, song and dance, to revive the musical culture of Jews in Galicia.

“Kino Lev 2011” Annual film festival

Issue 37, July 2011.
The sixth “Kino Lev” offers movie fans a cultural feast. This year’s theme, “Cinema as Propaganda”, brings masterpieces by world renowned filmmakers like Oleksandr Dovzhenko, Leni Riefenstahl, Anatoly Litvak and others.

Enchanting “Michael Turetsky Choir” at Lviv Opera House

Issue 37, July 2011.
On August, 05 fans of the legendary “Michael Turetsky Choir” can hear their latest jubilee program. Established 20 years ago, Michael Turetsky creates a unique art-show that crosses international boundaries.

Legendary jazz singer “De Phazz” at “Picasso Jazz Hall”

Issue 37, July 2011.
The legendary Karl Frierson, aka “De Phazz” comes to Picasso! Inspired by Dizzy Gillespie, 9-year-old Karl Frierson decided to become an international entertainer. Following his musical education, Karl joined the US Army Europe Band and Chorus, performing over 800 shows.

Aquapark Birthday party

Issue 37, July 2011.
Plyazh Aqua Park is celebrating our third birthday! For years you have been able to enjoy the high-quality services of “Plyazh”.

“Festyny Diany” (Diana’s Feast) Hunting holiday

Issue 37, July 2011.
“Diana’s Feast” demonstrates that hunters are not just people with guns. Hunters are ‘custodians of the countryside’ who care for the flora and fauna; they respect the culture and traditions of hunting, and the rural way of life. Learn about hunting traditions, admire hunting trophies and equipment and sample favorite hunters’ dishes.

The 4th “Etnovyr” International festival of folklore

Issue 37, July 2011.
The International Folklore Festival ‘Etnovyr’, founded 4 years ago by CIOFF (Organizations of Festivals of Folklore and Traditional Arts), was an instant success, comparing and celebrating folklore from many countries around the world.

European Partnership “Good Neighbours Weekend”

Issue 37, July 2011.
Two neighbouring border villages have united to host a “Good Neighbours Weekend”, demonstrating and encouraging the goodwill between Ukraine and Poland. The Inter Border Fair will feature businessmen and local representatives discussing regional matters, along with exhibitions of local goods, and details of our combined history.

The “Drama at DRABYNA”

Issue 36, June 2011.
Contest From June 29 – July 2, in various coffee-shops and book-houses around Popovychі village, near to the Ukrainian-Polish border