Upcoming Lviv

Retro Lviv Festival

Issue 122, April 2019.
The Retro Lviv Festival allows us to celebrate everything that makes us Leopolitan – our values, diversity, freedom, and the natural beauty of our city. Whether your thing is Lviv’s history, our Batyar culture, or even if you just want to dress up for the day – the Retro Lviv Festival will be a joyous creative feast for all ages.

Lviv Outsourcing Forum

Issue 122, April 2019.
The annual Lviv Outsourcing Forum, which brings together owners and managers of outsourcing companies with freelancers from across Ukraine, will take place at Lviv’s Hotel Dnister on 20-21 April. Participants will share their experiences of how to best address the industry’s key issues and discuss how to operate in a continually changing global environment.

Avatar Yoga Festival

Issue 122, April 2019.
Mark your calendars to to make sure to attend the not-to-be-missed Avatar Yoga Fest on 21 April! Bringing together exceptional instructors of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness – like Marta Chorna, Anna Klapiychuk, Keira Moore, Volodymyr Sarakhman and others – the event will create a conscious connection to yoga, culture, and adventure right in the heart of ancient Lviv.

Engineering Job Fair

Issue 122, April 2019.
Lviv’s Polytechnic University is all ‘geared’ up to host the annual Engineering Job Fair on 17-18 April. Organised by the BEST student group each year since 2007, the event will feature over 40 companies in the fields of information technology, electronics, auditing, education, and engineering.

Music Track Cycling Race

Issue 122, April 2019.
The lights get turned down low and the music turned up high at Music Track, which combines the very best in track cycling with an incredible party atmosphere. Expect the action to come thick and fast as the DJ keeps the party going before, during, and after each race.

Craft Beer & Vinyl Music Fest

Issue 122, April 2019.
Your favourite Craft Beer & Vinyl Music Festival is back! Hosted by !FESTRepublic Club, the event gives beer lovers the opportunity to taste more than 50 of the finest brews crafted by top brewers, cider-makers, and distillers from across Ukraine and abroad.

Amazing Mario Biondi in Concert

Issue 122, April 2019.
Lviv’s picturesque Opera & Ballet Theatre will be the stage for the wonderful Mario Biondi on 22 April. The Italian vocalist possesses a deep, grainy-yet-smooth baritone that is very low, intense, and profoundly emotional. His jazzy takes on soul and R&B music are inspired by the likes of Lou Rawls, Al Jarreau, and Isaac Hayes.

Hot Air Balloon Festival

Issue 122, April 2019.
Twice a year – in May and October – Kamyanets-Podilskyi hosts the marvellous Hot Air Balloon Festival. For more than 20 years Ukraine’s southern gem has attracted more and more tourists from across Ukraine and around the world.

Alberto Lysy International Festival

Issue 122, April 2019.
Leopolitan music lovers are thrilled to welcome Lviv’s newest festival as the Alberto Lysy International Festival will take place from 15-20 April. This wonderful musical event is designed to honour Alberto Lysy, an Argentinian violinist and conductor of Ukrainian origin.

X Jubilee Miss Lviv 2019 Beauty Pageant

Issue 121, March 2019.
Who is the most beautiful Leopolitan lady of them all? This April, the annual contest to wear the Miss Lviv crown will reach its climax as Lviv’s beauties do battle on stage at Lviv’s famous Hapsburg-era Opera House.