Upcoming Lviv

«LvivKlezFest» in multinational Lviv

Issue 17, October 2009.
During October 16-18, 2009 in Lviv will take place International Festival of Jewish music, dances and songs «LvivKlezFest» with participants from Ukraine, Poland, Russia, USA, Moldova. Klez Fest music is music of Jewish bands, where musicians have no idea about music notation, but could incredibly precisely reflect beauties of Jewish soul. This genre of music originated in small villages.

Attention! New phone codes become active from 14 October

Issue 17, October 2009.
On 14 October some major changes will be introduced into the codes used to make inter-city and international calls from Ukraine. For landline calls the ‘8’ which had previously been a required prefix...

Technology boffins swinging into town

Issue 17, October 2009.
Summit of B.E.S.T. Presidents, 5-11 November, Lviv Lviv’s growing reputation as a centre for educational excellence has seen it appearing on the academic festival radar more and more in recent years, and next month will see a major engineering event that will further illustrate this positive trend.

Lviv Fashion Week enters fourth season

Issue 17, October 2009.
Lviv Fashion Week, October 23-25, Lviv Art Palace (17, Kopernyka Street) Since its launch in 2008 Lviv Fashion Week has succeeded in establishing its brand both within Ukrainian fashion circles and as an exciting fringe event on the wider Eastern European scene. This fourth series of catwalk shows will feature a host of international designers joining their Ukrainian colleagues in the sumptuous surroundings of Lviv’s Art Palace.

Fashionable charity auction for Lviv kids

Issue 17, October 2009.
Lviv Fashion Week charity auction, 24 October from 12.00, Leopolis Hotel (16 Teatralna Street) One of the best things about an event like Lviv Fashion Week is all the fun fringe events which appear around the perimeter of the event programme, with plenty of sexy parties featuring crowds of glamorous models and flamboyant designers,but there is also a kinder and more community-spirited side to even this most fashionable of festivals.

A feast of Chamber music

Issue 17, October 2009.
The Szymanowski Quartet and Friends Chamber Music Festival, 16-18 October, Lviv Ludkevich Philharmonic Concert Hall (7 Chaikovskoho Street) This recently introduced addition to the annual Lviv music festival calendar is a celebration of West Ukraine’s rich classical musical heritage and is also designed to illustrate the intertwined musical history that Ukraine shares with neighbouring Poland. The event will feature the acclaimed Polish foursome the Szymanowski Quartet along with such celebrated performers as violist Lyda Chen, pianist Vladimir Sverdlov and clarinet specialist Chen Halevi.

Looking for Lviv’s next generation of leaders

Issue 17, October 2009.
Savik Shuster’s search for regional leadership: Lviv casting, 14 November (venue to be confirmed – please see website for details nearer the date) For the past five years since the 2004 Orange Revolution Ukraine has enjoyed unprecedented media freedoms which have lead to the rise in a new generation of endless political talks shows and televised debates.

Complete theatrical improvisation!

Issue 17, October 2009.
Sixth annual ‘Drabyna’ International Contemporary heatre Festival, November 5-8, Theatres around the city Ever since its inception in late 2004 as the country bubbled along on a wave on national agitation that would eventually erupt into the Orange Revolution, Lviv’s challenging Drabyna festival has been all about offering an alternative. The festival is extremely post-modern in its approach sets out to give theatre performers complete freedom to let their imaginations run riot. Due to the rising reputation of the event, it has now introduced one single restriction – all performances must be not longer than one hour, in order to make sure that everybody has a chance!

Nothing personal, "no offence" … just art…

Issue 17, October 2009.
Lviv is known with exquisite taste reflected in art by a bit conservative and reserved style. Main benefit of these outwardly restrained Lviv art mood is keeping old traditions alive. However there are times when even the most conservative artists are interested in trying something new.

Belated Halloween Extravaganza!

Issue 18, November 2009.
Belated Halloween Extravaganza! Lviv Today magazine presents Halloween 2009 After Party, Picasso Nighclub (88 Zelena Street, Lviv) 28 November. The recent flu outbreak in Ukraine put paid to plans for a monster Miss Halloween party at top Lviv nightspot Picasso, but the event has now been rescheduled and will go ahead later this month.