«Garmata» Restaurant Citadel Inn
«Culinarium» restaurant
“Vechirnij Lviv”
Restaurant “Vechirnij Lviv”
26, Svobody Ave., Lviv
Cuisine: Classical, Author’s 
Теl.: 032-235-58-79
        067 321 00 77
Hours: 11:00 - 00:00 
Recently reopened exquisite restaurant “Vechirnij Lviv” hearty welcomes Leopolitans and guest of the city.  Every day this venue offers delicious Classical and Author’s cuisine, Josper oven dishes and Himalayan Salt Block poultry.  

Cuisine: Latin American
10, Shevchenka avn., Lviv
Теl.: (+38032) 2725041
Hours: from 11
Menu: engl/ukr


7, Katedralna sqr., Lviv
Tel.: (032) 297-80-22
Hours: 11:00—23:00
A welcoming and elegant dining out venue.


39, Rudnuckogo str., Lviv
Hours: 10:00—23:00
Tel.: (032) 237-38-79


161, I. Franka str., Lviv
Hours: 11:00—23:00
Tel.: (032) 295-14-31


16, Virmenska str., Lviv
Hours: 10.00—23.00
Tel.: (032) 235-42-43


19, Stefanyka str., Lviv
Tel.: (032) 261-54-85


6, Furmanska str., Lviv
Tel.: (032) 244-42-25
Catch a glimpse of the mysti-
cal pearl of Central Asia in the
eastern favoured dining option.

Cafe 1


Cuisine: continental,
French, Italian
5, Katedralna Sq., Lviv
Tel. (+38032) 2423369
Hours: 10:22
Visa Card



Cuisine: Ukrainian, European
34, Rynok sqr.,
Tel.: :+38 (032) 235-55-12
Hours: 10.00—23.00
Wi-f, Visa Card, Master Card
Restaurant "Centaur", located
in the very heart of Lviv city,
this exquisite venue offers
guests delicious dishes of
Ukrainian and European
cuisine, cozy atmosphere, ex-
cellent service and moderate prices.

Special offer — breakfasts from 10:00.

Cigar Lounge

Inside Hotel Leopolis

(basement floor)

16 Teatralna Str.
Tel. (032) 295-95-00
Hours: 21:00 – till last guest

Menu: EN/UA

World class cigars and tobacco, exclusive beverages and cozy historical ambience.


Cuisine: continental, fusion
6, Shevska str., 5th-fl., Lviv,
Tel.:(+38032) 294 82 05
Hours: 12:24
Menu: engl/ukr

Dim Legend (House of Legends)

48, Staroevreyska Street
Tel.: 050 4302924
Hours: 11:00 — 02:00
Menu: engl./ukr

Dynamo Blues

4, Stysa str., Lviv
Hours: 12:00—23:00
Tel.: (032) 275-01-89



Cuisine: continental

14, Shevchenko avn., Lviv

Tel.: (+38032) 2611971

Hours: 12:24

Business lunch: mon.-fri., hours: 12:15 /30 uah/

Menu: engl/ukr

Wi-Fi, visa



Fashion club

 Cuisine: continental
1, Pidkovu sg., Lviv
Tel.: (+38032) 2728891
Hours: 24 hours
Breakfast: hours: 08:30-11:30
Business lunch: mon.-fri.,
hours: 12:30-15:00
Disco: from 23:00
Visa Card



Festival-club “Open international festival of Modern Art “Left bank»

28, Svobody av., Lviv
Opera and ballet Theatre, underground.
Tel.: (+38 032) 272-28-63
Hours: 10:00 — 02:00
Cuisine: celebrities best recipes and dishes.
Menu: engl./ukr.
Club, functioning as constant daily
international Modern At festival featur-
ing expositions of paintings, live
concerts, culinary evenings, creative
meetings, providing unique chance to
become artist by trying to be musician
or painter.

Grand Hotel Restaurant

Cuisine: continental
13, Svobody Avenue, Lviv
Tel.: (+38032) 2724095
Hours: 12:24
Business lunch: mon.-fri.
Menu: engl/ukr/rus, Wi-Fi, visa



Halytcian-Jewish caff «Under Golden Rose»

2, Staroevreiska str., Lviv
(near old Synagogue)
Tel.: (+38 032) 236-75-53
Hours: 10:00 — 02:00
Menu: engl./ukr.
Cuisine: Halytcian/Jewish.
The ONLY restaurant in Ukraine with NO
prices in menu — You should bargain over
bill, to come to reasonable solutions

Hutyr Dykanka

Hutyr  Dykanka
Cuisine: Ukrainian
11, Nezalezhnosti
str., Kulikiv
village (12 km from Lviv)
Hours: 10:00 — till last customer
Tel.: .+ 38 096 349-45-22
Restaurant ”Hutyr Dykanka” offers
delicious Ukrainian cuisine
up to 120 guests.
Summer terrace. Motel. Special
offer for tourist groups. 

Kohanka Kapitana (Captain’s sweetheart )

Cuisine: Fish, Mediterranean

6/7, Mitskevycha Square.,

(opposite to statue of  the Holy Mother of God)

Теl.: +38(097)-017-82-28,  +38(093)-562-17-67

Hours: 12:00 - 02:00

Menu: engl/ukr


Visa, MasterCard

Lviv’s one and only fish restaurant offers  spectacular Mediterranean cuisine and  delicious fresh sea fish, which is delivered 650 km from Lviv. Golden Dream of many Leopolitans to come onboard of ship and taste exquisite fish dishes came true!

Creative recipes will top all Your expectations about fish cuisine!

Captain and his team are waiting for You onboard!





Cuisine: Ukrainian
14,Rynok sqr., Lviv,
Теl.: (+38032) 2546118
Hours: 24 hours
Menu: engl/ukr
Wi-Fi, visa card



Cuisine: continental, Ukrainian
7, Chajkovskogo Str., Lviv
Tel. (+38032) 2422242
Hours: 12:02
Business lunch: mon.-fri,. hours: 12:15 /30 uah/
Menu: engl/ukr
Wi-Fi, visa card


Cuisine: European, Ukrainian
17, Komarova str., Lviv
Tel.: (032) 245-03-45
Hours: 24 hours
Menu: engl./ukr.
Wi-f, Visa Card, Master Card
Exquisite restaurant with spacious 4 halls and cosy Lobby
Bar, Ofers wide choice of delicious European and Ukrainian
cuisine dishes.
Excellent choice for Breakfasts and Business lunches.
Comfortable parking.


37, Chajkovskogo Str., Lviv
Tel.: (+38032) 2614454
Hours: 11:23
Visa Card
One of Lviv’s most stylish and sophis-
ticated dining out options, Kupol has a
touch of understated Habsburg grandeur.

La Piazza

Place, where whole city meets
27, Svobody avn., Lviv
Cuisine: Italian
Tel.: (+38 032) 295-88-14/15
Hours: 10:00 — 23:00
Menu: engl./ukr.
Wi-Fi, Visa Card, Maestro.
The only original Italian
restaurant with best selection
of pizzas, pastas and salads in
the city.

La Rouge

11, Saksaganskogo str., Lviv
Hours: 11:00—22:00
Tel.: (032) 240-34-76

Leopolis Restaurant


Inside Hotel Leopolis

Cuisine: modern Ukrainian and European

16 Teatralna Str.
Tel. (032) 295-95-15
Hours: 12:00 – 23:00

Menu: EN/UA

Noted for its extensive wine list and selection of regional delicacies. Try Ukrainian cuisine in modern interpretation – degustation menu by Executive Chef Volodymyr Pavliuk.

Complimentary Wi-Fi.


Lion’s castle Park-cafe

7, Hlinky str., Lviv
Tel.: 8 032 297–15–63
Hours: 7:00—23:00
Menu: engl./ukr.
WiFi. Visa Card.

Masoch Cafe


Cuisine: international menu
including a wide range of aphrodisiacs
7, Serbs’ka str.,
Tel. (+38032) 2721872
Hours: 11:01
Menu: engl/ukr
Wi-Fi, visa card



Most Expensive Galician Restaurant

Lviv centre, Rynok square., 14 (second floor)
Tel.: +38 050 430-87-83
Hours: 11:00—02 :00
Cuisine: European
Menu: ukr./engl.
Wi-Fi, Visa Card.
The most “Expensive Gali-cian Restaurant” is located in the heart of Lviv on Rynok square in the same building as famous “Kryjivka” but on the second floor. Thrill starts directly when guest enters the premise everyone has chance to find out secrets of Masons brotherhood with
all signs and symbols.

Museum-restaurant «Gasova Lampa»

Cuisine: Ukrainian/European.
20, Virmenska str., Lviv
Tel.: (+38 032) 236-75-50
Hours:. 10.00 - 02.00
Menu: engl./ukr.
Special attractions of the venue are great collection of kerosene lamps all over the world, best ‘alive” beer from huge wooden barrels, alchemist’s fiery secret liqueurs and multi-confessional terrace under Lviv roofs. Guests are met by first world monument to kerosene lamp and it’s inventors. Come to light!

Opera Hotel Restaurant


Cuisine: continental
45, Svobody avn., Lviv
Теl.: (+38032) 2259011
Hours: 24 hours
Menu: engl/pol/ukr
Wi-Fi, visa card



5, Pilnikarska str., Lviv
Теl.: (+38032) 2970823
Hours: 11.00 – 23.00
Enjoy fine examples of Cypriot cuisine
in this European eatery.

Pan Tao

Pan Tao
28, Kryms’ka str.,
Tel.: +38 (032)
Hours: 11.00—23.00
Menu: engl./ukr.
Exquisite restaurant with Oriental
cuisine featuring delicious
Pekinese Duck.
- Sushi-Bar
- Vip-Zone
- Tea Ceremony
Wi-Fi, Visa Card 



Cuisine: Mediterranean
45, Svobody avn., Lviv
Теl.: (+38032) 2259009
Hours: 12.00 – 24.00
Menu: engl/pol/ukr
Wi-Fi, visa card


Pyvnitsa Leva


Cuisine: Medieval
18, Shevs’ka str.,Lviv,
Tel.: (+38032) 2959508
Hours: 11.00 – 23.00
Menu: engl/ukr
Wi-Fi, visa card


Restaurant “Delizia”
Restaurant “Delizia”
27, Lesi Ukrainky str., Lviv
Cuisine: Italian, 
Теl.: 068 049 23 52
Hours: 10:00 - 23:00 
Exquisite Delizia  offers guests  authentic, delicious and healthy Italian cuisine so beloved all around the world. The menu features a complete meal including a huge selection of hot dishes and a variety of salads, cold appetizers and a wide selection of pizzas to suit all tastes.  All this is being served in Italian traditional large portions made by Italian master chief cook and presented by native Italian extremely attentive staff.
Rumba Bar

Cuisine: continental.
4, Staroevreyska Street
Tel.: (032) 235-70-62
Hours: 12:00 — 24:00
Menu: engl./ukr



Cuisine: continental
144, Lubinska str., Lviv
Tel.: (+38032) 295-5-295,
Hours: 12:24
Breakfast: from 08:00
Menu: engl/ukr
Wi-Fi, visa card


Sim porosyat (Seven piglets)

9, Bandery str., Lviv
Hours: 10:00 — last customer
Tel.: (032) 297-55-58


Cuisine: Continental, Japanese
6/7, Mitskevicha Sqr., Lviv
Tel.: (+38032) 2422200
Hours: 24 hours
Menu: engl/ukr/rus
Wi-Fi, visa card

Stary Tifis

Cuisine: Oriental, European
28, Pekarska str., Lviv
Тel.: (032)276-61-11
Hours: 11:00—23:00


16a, Kuznevicha str., Lviv
Tel.: (+38032)2377035
Hours: 12:23
Visa Card

The Grill

Cuisine: European, steak specialties
22, Teatralna str., Lviv
Тel.: (032) 235-49-91
Hours: 11:00—23:00


20, Nyzhankivskogo str., Lviv
Hours: 7:00—23:00
Tel.: (032) 235-67-66

Viennese Coffee House


Cuisine: Continental
12, Svobody avn., Lviv
Tel.: (+38032) 272¬2021
Hours: 09.00 – 24.00
Menu: engl/ukr
Wi-Fi, Visa Card



Cuisine: continental, franch
60 a, Lypynskogo str., Lviv
Hours: 08:01
Business lunch: mon.-fri., hours:
12:30-16:00 / from 25 uah/
Tel.: (+38032) 2948886
Visa Card