Lviv Restaurants

«Garmata» Restaurant Citadel Inn

16, Virmenska str., Lviv
Hours: 10.00—23.00
Tel.: (032) 235-42-43

«Culinarium» restaurant

6, Furmanska str., Lviv
Tel.: (032) 244-42-25
Catch a glimpse of the mysti-
cal pearl of Central Asia in the
eastern favoured dining option.

"Malevich" Night Club

2, Chornovola avn. Lviv
Теl.: (+38032) 2403591
Hours: from 21:00, cloused: Monday
Every Thursday - Girls Night
Megaclub with entertainment options
aplenty. Popular with highrollers and
those looking to impress

Cafe 1


Cuisine: continental,
French, Italian
5, Katedralna Sq., Lviv
Tel. (+38032) 2423369
Hours: 10:22
Visa Card



7, Katedralna sqr., Lviv
Tel.: (032) 297-80-22
Hours: 11:00—23:00
A welcoming and elegant dining out venue.


Cuisine: Ukrainian, European
34, Rynok sqr.,
Tel.: :+38 (032) 235-55-12
Hours: 10.00—23.00
Wi-f, Visa Card, Master Card
Restaurant "Centaur", located
in the very heart of Lviv city,
this exquisite venue offers
guests delicious dishes of
Ukrainian and European
cuisine, cozy atmosphere, ex-
cellent service and moderate prices.

Special offer — breakfasts from 10:00.


39, Rudnuckogo str., Lviv
Hours: 10:00—23:00
Tel.: (032) 237-38-79

Cigar Lounge

Inside Hotel Leopolis

(basement floor)

16 Teatralna Str.
Tel. (032) 295-95-00
Hours: 21:00 – till last guest

Menu: EN/UA

World class cigars and tobacco, exclusive beverages and cozy historical ambience.


161, I. Franka str., Lviv
Hours: 11:00—23:00
Tel.: (032) 295-14-31

CK Lokal

19, Valova str., Lviv
Hours: 8:00—23:00
Tel.: (032) 236-70-80