Lviv Sports

February-March sport digest

Issue 66, March 2014.
Be informed about results of Lviv’s “Halychanka” at Women’s Handball Challenge Cup and local basketball squad Politekhnika-Halychyna at Ukraine’s Super League. Find more about results of local athletes at Ukraine’s Winter Cycling Championships and Lviv’s “Energy” futsal team.

January-February sport digest

Issue 65, February 2014.
Be informed about results of Lviv’s “Halychanka” at Ukrainian Women’s Handball Super League championship and Lviv’s local basketball squad Politekhnika-Halychyna at Ukrainian SuperLeague. Be proud to know that the Ukrainian National Basketball Team is qualified for their first ever FIBA Basketball World Cup into Group C at the tournament along with top-ranked USA, Turkey (7th), New Zealand (19th), Dominican Republic (26th), and Finland (39th).

Sochi Olympic Winter Games Viewing Guide: What to Watch & Where to Find Ukraine

Issue 65, February 2014.
The XXII Olympic Winter Games are set to kick off in February and Ukraine is sending 43 of our finest athletes to Sochi, Russia to compete in 9 of the 15 events. As this 2022 Olympic bid region’s leading English-language lifestyle magazine, Lviv Today looks at Ukraine’s best medal hopes in our Sochi 2014 Olympic Viewing Guide. Events can be seen on Pershyi Natsionalnyi (First National) channel. All viewing times are local (Ukrainian).

November-December Sport Digest

Issue 63, December 2013.
Find out about local FC “Karpaty” results of their pre-winter schedule and Lviv’s BC Politekhnika-Halychyna ups and downs.

October-November Sport Digest

Issue 62, November 2013.
Find out about the I “Special Olympics – Lviv” sports festival, follow the dramatic results of Ukrainian National Football team and share emotions of BC “Polytekhnika-Halychyna” last basketball game.

Ukrainian DanceSport Championships

Issue 62, November 2013.
The Ukrainian DanceSport Championships, organized by the Ukrainian Dance Federation, were held at Lviv’s “Gratsya” (TM “Pivdenny”) sportcomplex on October 19-20.

September-October sports digest

Issue 61, October 2013.
Find out about 50th International “Golden Autumn 2013” Archery Tournament as well international K-1 kickboxing tournament, local FC “Karpaty” victory over FC “Shakhtar” (Donetsk)

July-August sports digest

Issue 60, September 2013.
Follow up the latest results for Football International Friendlies U-21, UEFA Women’s U-17 and Cycling Competitions

Lviv Prepares for Eurobasket 2015

Issue 59, July 2013.
So what does a EURO 2012 Host City do for an encore? After a largely successful foray into the world of hosting major international sporting events during last year’s UEFA Euro 2012 event, different levels of government are openly musing about having the Lviv / Karpaty region bid for the 2022 Olympic Winter Games. In the meantime, and possibly as a forerunner to that lofty goal, Lviv has already been selected as one of the host sites for the 2015 European Basketball Championships. The biennial event, known as EuroBasket, will be held this year in Slovenia and will serve as the European qualifiers for the 2014 Basketball World Cup. The 2015 tournament in Ukraine will also serve as the European qualifying event for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The last edition, held in Lithuania in 2011, was the largest sporting event ever hosted in the Baltic States and sold over 150,000 tickets. The organizing committee, made up primarily of the city’s EURO 2012 organizers, expects over one million visitors and are touting the tournament as one of the Top 5 sporting events in the world. While surely not that large, the tournament is indeed a major event on the international sports calendar and will provide Lviv with an opportunity to continue to improve its sporting infrastructure in preparation for any future Olympic bid.

May-June sports digest

Issue 58, June 2013.
Follow up the latest results for Ukraine’s Open Cup bodybuilding competitions, get update on Lviv’s BC “Polytekhnika-Halychyna” successes, alongside with more sport news on Rhythmic gymnastics.