Lviv Sports

Extreme Moto at Mayorivka

Issue 96, December 2016.
Lviv’s legendary Mayorivka racetrack played host to a series of motocross competitions on November 20th. Formerly renowned as one of Europe’s most difficult tracks, Mayorivka was recently reopened by motorcycle enthusiasts of Lviv’s ‘Drive’ club after nearly 20 years!

Lviv’s Inaugural Sumo Cup

Issue 96, December 2016.
Lviv’s Halychyna Sport Complex was the site of Lviv’s first-ever Sumo Open Cup on November 19th. Sumo is Japan’s national sport and is a traditional style of wrestling that originated out of a competition to entertain Japanese noblemen.

Ukraine’s Rugby 15 Championship

Issue 95, November 2016.
On October 29th, in Ukraine’s Rugby 15 Championship, Lviv’s “Sokil” played against “Podillya” (Khmelnitsky). Whole match was extremely tense, with several real fights between players, however local sportsmen were defeated with score 10–34, making main coach Yuriy Hrabovskyi truly very unhappy as the team lost chance to win bronze medal.

Grand Prix Lviv Half Marathon 2016

Issue 95, November 2016.
Lviv was host to the wonderful Grand Prix Lviv Half Marathon 2016 sports event on November 6th, sponsored by Molokija. The event was festively kicked off by Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi, who greeted the over 1300 runners, including many celebrities. Among the notable athletes involved were Maryna Filatova (spouse of Dnipro Mayor Borys Filatov), MP Yehor Soboliev, 1+1 TV personality Marychka Padalko, and players from Lviv’s favourite football team – FC Karpaty.

Taih? K?ki – Ukraine’s Greatest Sumo Champion

Issue 95, November 2016.
When hearing the word ‘sumo’, the image of a huge man in conjured – as unbeatable as a block of ice. And he must have Oriental origins. “So what does Ukrainian ‘salo’ have to do with that?” you might ask. Well, as it turns out, quite a lot! Did you know that Ukraine gave Japan one of its most powerful athletes of all time! Few people outside Japan know about sumo wrestling legend Taihō Kōki, who won 32 tournaments between 1960 and 1971 – a record that was unequalled until 2014. Fewer still know that his real name was Ivan Boryshko and he could trace his roots to Ukraine. Taihō (Ivan) was the son of a Japanese mother and Ukrainian father and is often held up as an example of what a mixed race person can accomplish in a traditionally conservative country. His dominance was such that he won six tournaments in a row on two separate occasions. He is the only wrestler to win at least one championship every year while a pro and he won 45 straight matches in a stretch in 1968-69.


Issue 95, November 2016.
Lviv’sHalychanka ladies handball team continues to be one of the strongest on the continent. The team travelled to Grodno, Belarus to take part in first round Baltic League action and handled all five rivals from Belarus and Lithuania.

Shakhtar vs. Gent

Issue 95, November 2016.
Lviv’s adopted football giants – Shakhtar Donetsk – returned to Europa League action in a Group B match against Belgian side Gent on October 20th. The fixture comes on the heels of a June 2016 friendly between the two squads that saw Shakhtarhandle their opponents 2:0.

STAR PLAYER, NOVICE COACH: Can Andriy Shevchenko lead Ukraine’s underperforming footballers to 2018 World Cup?

Issue 94, October 2016.
Based on resources and pedigree, Ukraine should theoretically be an international footballing powerhouse. Instead, the Ukrainian national side has been disappointing for decades. Can the appointment of former star player and complete novice coach Andriy Shevchenko as the new national team manager reverse this depressing trend?

September-October Sport Digest

Issue 94, October 2016.
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Equestrian Riders Vie for Lviv Open Cup

Issue 93, September 2016.
The Lviv Open Cup for equestrian riders drew nearly 120 contenders to Lviv’s Burevesnik equestrian sports camp from August 19-21 to compete in Show Jumping, Dressage, and Eventing competitions.