Lviv Society

Lviv’s Latest Holiday Honours Delicious Doughnuts!

Issue 10, February 2009.
On January 25 Lviv welcomed a new holiday into the calendar, the day of the Pampukh (Ukrainian doughnut).

Traditional Water Blessing

Issue 10, February 2009.
Lviv’s faithful flocked to the village of Vereschitsa on January 19 for the traditional water blessing holiday

Remembering the Battle Against Soviet Censorship

Issue 10, February 2009.
This January the Lviv Palace of Art s (20 Kopernika Street) hosted a thought-provoking and nostalgic exhibition of underground political writings which were secretly circulated by the democratic opposition during Soviet times.

Colourful Ladies’ Premiere by Pavlo Aryeh

Issue 10, February 2009.
On January 24 Lviv municipal theatre hosted a triumphant success by Pavlo Aryeh, a debutante young German playwright of Ukrainian origin whose performance “Colours” made a huge impression on the discerning Lviv theatre-going public

Modernising Ukraine’s EU Border

Issue 10, February 2009.
January 30 saw the unveiling of new state-of-the-art X-ray scanning equipment at Lviv Oblast’s Rava Ruskaborder crossing, the latest technological leap forward in efforts to bring Ukraine’s border with the EU into the 21st century.

Lviv’s Euro 2012 Dream Still Alive

Issue 10, February 2009.
Lviv’s stuttering efforts to prepare the city prior to hosting games during the Euro 2012 football championships appeared to be back on track last month following the start of construction on the city’s new stadium and an encouraging visit from UEFA bosses.

Magical Mystery Tour Train Arrives!

Issue 9, January 2009.
Lviv’s booming tourism scene received a further boost on December 29 when the city unveiled its latest attraction – a brightly coloured tour train offering guided excursions or simply fun transport about the historic city centre.

Fashion Week Arrives in Lviv

Issue 1, May 2008.
Lviv has always been known as a stylish city and the West Ukrainian capital now boasts its very own Lviv Fashion Week event

Palatial Lviv Catwalk Extravaganza

Issue 1, May 2008.
West Ukraine’s high society set were in attendance in early April when Lviv’s splendid Pototsky Palace

Poetic Lviv Jazz Evening

Issue 1, May 2008.
A host of Lviv arts celebrities gathered April 4 for the latest in the Jazz Cafe series of performance