Lviv Society

Lviv Fashion Week – Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Issue 95, November 2016.
The always dazzling and glamorous Lviv Fashion Week returned to showcase the elegant outfits of the Spring / Summer 2017 collection from Oct. 26th-30that the Lviv Airport and other locations across the city. The event featured many of Ukraine’s top fashion designers, such as Odesa’s Sofitie, Mykolaiv’s GraNat by Natalia Grechana, Lutsk’s Ivanna Yukhymchuk, and Lviv’s-own Kateryna Karol.

“Lviv Region – Factory of Europe” International Economic Forum

Issue 95, November 2016.
Lviv played host to the “Lviv Region – Factory of Europe” international economic forum from November 3-4. The two-day event drew over 700 entrepreneurs, foreign investors, and diplomats, as well as representatives from business associations, banks, and international foundations. Among the notable people in attendance included: Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Stepan Kubiv, Minister of Infrastructure Vladimir Omelian, and Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi.

Lviv Coffee Festival Attracts Over 150,000!

Issue 94, October 2016.
Hotel suites were hard to come by as over 150,000 coffee lovers from across Ukraine flocked to the Western Ukrainian capital for the Lviv Coffee Festival from September 22-25. “It took us 10 long years to be able to say that our city hosted the biggest coffee festival in Europe – the Lviv Coffee Festival” said beaming festival director Andriy Sydor. There are plenty of things that draw a person to a coffeehouse – the taste, the people, the atmosphere, even the hospitality – so each year the Lviv Coffee Festival crowns the city’s finest coffeehouses in each of those areas. To win a Lviv Coffee Festival award is a great challenge and an even greater honour. This year many of Lviv’s most popular – and talented – coffeehouses took part hoping to be crowned Lviv’s Best Coffeehouse 2016, “Dominicanes”, “Virmenka”, Cezve and brazier style coffee shop “Bakhchisarai”, Black Honey, restaurant “Atlas”, coffee-house “Shtuka”, coffee-shop – museum “Fiksazh”, Svit Kavy on Rynok square, confectionary “Liguminka” and Rocket espresso.

Porsche Centre Lviv is Officially Open!

Issue 94, October 2016.
Legendary German car manufacturer Porsche festively opened up the second-largest Porsche dealership in Ukraine in Lviv on September 20th. The 2.5 million EUR dealership is located at 8 G. Washington St. and offers clientele the full spectrum of automotive services, including: Porsche sales, original part replacement, accessories, and vehicle service and maintenance. Porsche has already conquered the world and continues to show great results, like the 225,000 cars they sold last year alone – a 19% increase from the year before. That’s why they are looking to the promising Ukrainian market, despite the current hardships the country is facing. “We value very highly our local investors and we are grateful that they showed the courage and confidence to create this new dealership centre” said Porsche Central & Eastern Europe Regional Sales Manager Christian Steckel.

Run for a Reason

Issue 94, October 2016.
Japan’s Fujikura Automotive Ukraine Lviv, which opened in Lviv in early 2016, held the Happy Kilometre charity event to raise money for Lviv’s Ohmatdyt children’s hospital on September 4th. As the Children’s Hospital Charity is a brilliant cause, the event attracted more than 400 people to come out and support worthwhile cause financially via donating money to the special boxes located in the race area. It was an incredible day and participants were able to raise 20,500 UAH to buy a phototherapy lamp for the reanimation of newborns at the hospital. The is sure to make a big difference for the children who travel from all over the Lviv region to Ohmatdyt for specialist treatment.

Vidverto Art Project

Issue 94, October 2016.
Lviv’s creative Melanka Art Gallery is pleased to present the new Vidverto art project. Project participants, known as the ‘Group of 8’, include: Volodymyr Stetsula, Zoryana Garbar, Nataliya Kaspruk-Savka, Ivanka Voytovych, Oleksandr Voytovych, Yuriy Tsarenko, Ivan Dudych, and Vasyl Babiy.

Modern Art in Downtown Lviv

Issue 94, October 2016.
Lviv’s historic city centre was the stage for the city’s annual week of modern art mayhem as the Days of Performance Art in Lviv was held from September 1-11 as part of the Week of Actual Art biennial. The week of art initiatives was organised by the Dzyga Art Centre – a leader in the Leopolitan cultural scene since first emerging in the heady atmosphere days of liberation that were the early 1990s. The event welcomed professionals and young artists from around Europe and Ukraine that dazzled Leopolitans and guests of the city with dazzling shows and creative art installations.

International Publishers’ Forum in Lviv

Issue 94, October 2016.
The Western Ukrainian capital was buzzing with authors, publishers, interpreters, researchers, journalists, and readers last month as the International Publishers’ Forum (IPF) – the single most important literature and publishing event in Ukraine – returned to Lviv from September 15-18. Celebrating its 23rd year, publishers from 28 countries visited over 60 locations that hosted over 500 book- and literature-themed events during the festivities. Among the many special guests invited to this year’s IPF included: Kenneth Klemmens, a Swedish poet that presented his Ukrainian translation of the book Touch; Srdan Srdic, a Serbian novelist and short story writer who returned to the city for the 3rd time; and Lithuanian poet, scholar, and translator Tomas Venclova. In addition, celebrated author Frederic Beigbeder, among Europe’s most charismatic and free-spirited intellectuals, delighted Leopolitan literature lovers and guests of the city with a book-signing session and lecture on contemporary literature.

Golden Lion Theatre Festival

Issue 94, October 2016.
It was street performance based on Chekov’s “Seagull” by Lviv”s theatre “Voskresinnia” that gave a start to the annual Golden Lion theatre festival on September 17th. Traditionally, stage adaptation of the play by “Voskresinnia” featured spectacular fire-show and creative stilt walkers.

Aqua Park Celebrates 8th Anniversary

Issue 93, September 2016.
Lviv’s Plyazh (Beach) Aqua Park festively celebrated its 8th anniversary on August 6-7 with spectacular parties and plenty of surprises! The colourful event featured disco parties, a fabulous bubble show, and exciting contests that were fun for both children and adults alike. Plenty of guests came out to the celebration party to give a big ‘thank you’ to Western Ukraine’s biggest sports and entertainment complex!