Lviv Society

Publishers Forum Celebrates 25 Years

Issue 116, October 2018.
The Lviv International Book Fair and Literature Festival – more commonly known as the Lviv Publishers Forum – celebrated its 25th anniversary by bringing together hundreds of publishing houses and over 100 writers from 25 countries to present their newest literary offerings. President Poroshenko opened the festival on 19 September by welcoming participants at Lviv’s exceptional Opera & Ballet Theatre. He noted that the event had become a significant cultural event not only in Ukraine but across all Eastern Europe and underlined that it’s constantly evolving.

Ukraine Celebrates 27 Years of Independence

Issue 115, September 2018.
Ukraine celebrates Independence Day every year on 24 August to mark the adoption of the ‘Act of Independence of Ukraine’ by the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR on 24 August 1991. As always, Lviv celebrated the occasion in style.

Rapid Trident 2018

Issue 115, September 2018.
Ukraine has begun joint military exercises with 10 NATO countries in Western Ukraine amid ongoing tensions with Russia over Moscow’s illegal annexation of Crimea and the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine between government forces and Russia-backed separatists.

Etnovyr Folklore Festival

Issue 115, September 2018.
Lviv’s annual Etnovyr Folklore Festival, featuring spectacular performances by ensembles from as far away as Egypt and Indonesia, took place in Lviv from 22-26 August. Organised by CIOFF (Organisations of Festivals of Folklore and Traditional Arts), the event also drew groups from around Europe and across Ukraine.

New Army Academy Recruits

Issue 115, September 2018.
Lviv’s Hetman Petro Sahaidachnyy National Ground Forces Academy saw more than 500 freshmen take their oaths to serve the nation faithfully as they became students at one of Ukraine’s most prestigious military higher education institutions.

Lviv’s Plyazh Aqua Park Celebrates 10th Anniversary!

Issue 115, September 2018.
Lviv’s Plyazh Aqua Park celebrated its 10th anniversary with a festive party and spectacular surprises over the 11-12 August weekend. The colourful event featured a fabulous bubble show, awesome magic show, jolly entertainment by the Party na Hati animators, and exciting contests for both children and the grown ups. One of the highlights was the exciting lottery, where guests were able to win an annual membership. Groovy gigs by the DJ and Full House Project band followed.

25th International Hutsul Festival

Issue 115, September 2018.
Hutsulshchyna, the eight Hutsul districts of the Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, and Transcarpathian oblasts, is not only a rural paradise of pine-tree covered valleys and undisturbed panoramic views but is also the beating heart of one of Ukraine’s most treasured ethnic groups – the Hutsuls. Hutsul culture is known far beyond the borders of the country as Hutsuls are noteworthy for their friendliness.

Ukrainian Song Project

Issue 115, September 2018.
Arena Lviv played host to the national Ukrainian Song Project – a grand musical event featuring some of Ukraine’s hottest young artists from a wide variety of genres – on 18 August. Designed to promote the artistic talent of Ukraine, to increase national pride, and to popularise the songs of up-and-coming Ukrainian artists, the event attracted over 13,000 fans to watch performances by 27 artists.

Rotary Saving Children’s lives in Lviv

Issue 114, July 2018.
On 26 June 2018 Lviv International Rotary club held Global Grant Donation Ceremony of diagnostic system Vivid IQ to the children’s hospital “Ohmatdyt” within the framework of the charity project “Save children’s lives”. Project was initiated by Andriana Malska, Assistant Professor of Department of propaedeutic of pediatrics and medical genetics of Lviv national medical university of Danylo Halytskyy. It is another great example of cooperation between the department and the hospital.

Canadian Surgeons Help Ukrainian Kids

Issue 114, July 2018.
After years of sending children with operable brain tumours more than 700 km away to Kyiv, the Lviv City Children’s Clinical Hospital has started performing life-saving pediatric neurosurgery in its own operating rooms. The capability eases the practical and financial burden of families by allowing children with brain tumours to receive treatment close to home. This is thanks to the Ukraine Pediatric Fellowship Program (UPFP) at Toronto, Canada’s Hospital for Sick Children (aka SickKids), itself a partnership between the Children of Chornobyl Canadian Fund and the Ukrainian Canadian Congress.