Lviv Society

A Taste of Vienna!

Issue 14, June 2009.
From May 11 until May 17 one of Lviv’s leading hotel’s Leopolis (Teatralna Street,16) hosted a Week of Austrian Cuisine in its popular Lev Restaurant. Guests enjoyed special treats from Austrian Chef Emanuel Wernbacher, who created a range of modern interpretations of classical Austrian culinary delights.

Developing a New Lviv Strategy

Issue 14, June 2009.
On May 26 Lviv Business School welcomed a wide range of local administrators and representatives of the business community for a presentation of the new strategy plan for Lviv drawn up by the Foundation for Effective Governance together with international consultants Monitor Group.

Celebrated Icon Restored in Lviv

Issue 14, June 2009.
To mark this year’s International Museum Day celebrations Lviv’s National Andriy Sheptytsky museum unveiled a rare and priceless icon which has been fully restored to its former glory and now offers a window into the very soul of Middle Ages Slavic spirituality.

Ukraine Promoting Ukrainian Heroes!

Issue 14, June 2009.
As Ukraine reinvents itself as an independent country one of the areas that has come in for sustained revision has been Ukrainian history, with patriots declaring that the history taught in the country remains heavily influenced by foreign propaganda introduced by the Kremlin during the Soviet era.

Five Years of Lviv EBA Networking

Issue 14, June 2009.
More than 150 guests gathered for the fifth anniversary celebrations of the European Business Association’s West Ukrainian Branch on June 3 at the gorgeous House of Scientists in Lviv.

Models Offer Love and Attention on International Child Protection Day

Issue 14, June 2009.
On June 1 the kids at one of Lviv’s leading children’s hospitals got to celebrate International Child Protection Day in style with a chance to enjoy a party with a host of photogenic young activists from Lviv model agency OK’s Models

Poland’s First Lady Maria Kaczynska visits Lviv

Issue 14, June 2009.
On June 1st Poland’s First Lady Maria Kaczynska visited Lviv and took part in celebrations to mark the second annual Polish-Ukrainian Children’s Day dedicated to International Child Protection Day. Mrs. Kaczynska comes from a family of former Polish nobles in Lithuania and so has a sentimental attachment to the formerly Polish cities which were swallowed up by the Soviet Union in 1939, making her trip to Lviv especially poignant.

President Offers Encouragement Ahead of Euro 2012

Issue 14, June 2009.
President Yushchenko paid a one-day visit to Lviv in late May to check up on how the city’s preparations for Euro 2012 are progressing. European football’s governing body UEFA has given Ukraine’s host cities until November 30 to bring their preparations up to speed or risk losing the right to co-host the tournament, and at present Lviv’s stadium remains one of the biggest causes for concern.

Connecting Lviv to the European Mainline!

Issue 14, June 2009.
Early June saw the launch of a revolutionary rail service linking Lviv with the Polish cities Krakow and Wroclaw and featuring new technologies that allow for massive reductions on the time spent readjusting wagons to meet the requirements of European railway gauges. Until recently all trains leaving the former Soviet Union and entering the European Union were subject to long delays as wagon wheels were changed in a painstaking process that could take upwards of three hours and involved significant manpower.

Celebrating a local cultural legacy of Habsburg grandeur

Issue 13, May 2009.
On May 1 Lviv held the second annual Batyar Day holiday, which celebrates the local cultural tradition of rakish adventurers who rose to fame and literary legend during the years when Lviv was a regional capital of the sprawling multi-ethnic Habsburg empire.