Lviv Society

Oriental Spring Attracts Beautiful Crowd

Issue 11, March 2009.
Lviv’s premier glamour spot, Chocolate Party Bar, drew a crowd of gorgeous ladies in early March as the venue welcomed the arrival of spring 2009 with a spectacular belly-dancing show to mark the opening of their new Oriental Room

Kyiv Pop in Picasso

Issue 11, March 2009.
Lviv fans of Kyiv pop outfit Dazzle Dreams enjoyed a rare live performance from the group in March at leading live music venue Picasso.

80 Years On: Heroes of Lviv’s Independence Movement

Issue 11, March 2009.
Early February saw Lviv’s historic Rynok Square awash with young activists marking the 80th anniversary of the foundation of OUN, the controversial political organisation set up to fight for the idea of Ukrainian independence during the period of inter-war Polish rule in West Ukraine.

Love in the Air in Lviv on St. Valentine’s Day

Issue 11, March 2009.
Hundreds of young Lvivites came to Rynok Square, the very heart of ancient Lviv, to celebrate St. Valentines’s Day on February 14, and to make sure the holiday was memorable, they released 450 heart-shaped balloons complete with romantic greetings for whoever was lucky enough to find them!

National Bard’s Kazakhstan Connection

Issue 11, March 2009.
An exhibition dedicated to Ukraine’s national bard Taras Shevchenko opened at Lviv’s Art Palace opened March 3 featuring rare works of art produced by the famed former slave during his period of political exile in Tsarist Kazakhstan.

EBA Members Enjoy Billiard Bonanza

Issue 11, March 2009.
On February 26 Lviv’s Classik Billiard Club hosted a fun EBA Billiard Evening, with members of the West Ukrainian branch of the European Business Association proving that they are adept at the art of potting as well as international commerce.

Celebrating Lviv’s Rotary Tradition

Issue 11, March 2009.
February 23 saw members of Lviv’s Rotary club mark the 104th anniversary of the international organisation’s foundation. Lviv’s Rotary pedigree dates back to the 1930s during the inter-war period of Polish rule, but this brief period of Rotary Club activity was cut short by the arrival in 1939 of Soviet forces, who invaded West Ukraine at the beginning of WWII in line with the terms of the notorious Molotov-Ribbentrop pact of alliance between Hitler and Stalin.

Restoration Work Returns Lviv Region Gem to its Former Glory

Issue 11, March 2009.
The end of February saw one of West Ukraine’s most romantic fairytale castles showcased to the public following many long years of restoration work. Since the 1990s work has been ongoing at Zolochiv Castle, with donations from Canada’s sizable Ukrainian diaspora and local businessman Petro Pysarchuk helping to overcome chronic state funding shortages and return this magnificent structure to its former glory.

Regional Allies Attempt to Heal Historic Wounds

Issue 11, March 2009.
On February 28 Ukrainian President Victor Yushchenko and his Polish counterpart Lech Kachinsky participated in a joint ceremony to mark the opening of a memorial to the estimated 1000 Poles who died 65 years ago during military operations in the village of Huta Penyatska, which is located in the Brodovsky area of Lviv Oblast.

Traditional Christmas in Photos

Issue 10, February 2009.
The Lviv Museum of Ideas (18, Valova Str.) opened a new photo exhibition in early February featuring the works of some of West Ukraine’s finest photographers