Lviv Society

The original Bavarian Oktoberfest Band in Lviv!

Lviv’s Leopolis Hotel Hosts Ukrainian Oktoberfest

Issue 18, November 2009.
For two wonderful nights on 30-31 October Lviv’s Leopolis Hotel (16 Teatralna Str.) hosted a West Ukrainian version of the globally famous Oktoberfest in the venue’s Lev Cellar restaurant.

Style on show at fashion expo

Issue 17, October 2009.
September say Lviv’s Ukraine Palace exhibition hall play host to the region’s hottest designers and most attractive models as the city welcomed the 16th annual Style trade fair.

Lviv literature in focus

Issue 17, October 2009.
Ukrainian politicians and writers rubbed shoulders in September at Lviv’s ever-expanding International Book Forum, which has been the country’s premier literary gathering ever since its inception back in 1994.

Nightlife focus celebrates first birthday

Issue 17, October 2009.
On September 5 leading Lviv lounge club and restaurant Cazanova (7, Stavropygyjska str.), celebrated its first anniversary with an exquisite and ostentatious party that fitted in with the venue’s burgeoning reputation for hedonism.

The coffee capital of Ukraine

Issue 17, October 2009.
Lviv has long been known as the coffee capital of Ukraine – indeed, legend has it that a Lviv native first introduced coffee into Viennese culture, thus making the city the spiritual home of Eastern European coffee culture as a whole.

Keeping Lviv safe for centuries!

Issue 17, October 2009.
Lviv’s firefighting tradition dates back deep into the Middle Ages, when it was one of the first in Europe to develop a special municipal service changed with protecting the city from the ever-present threat of fire.

Euro 2012 airport construction work begins

Issue 17, October 2009.
Lviv’s bid to host matches during the Euro 2012 championships hinges largely on the city’s ability to get its stadium and airport facilities in place in time for the event. After many delays and financing wrangles work finally began in mid-September on the city’s hotly-anticipated new Airport Terminal Building.

Lviv lions on parade

Issue 17, October 2009.
For centuries Lviv has been Eastern Europe’s Lion City, and this status was further enhanced in September by the presence of a whole pride of lavishly decorated ceramic lions in the city’s picturesque downtown area.

Contemporary art attack in downtown Lviv

Issue 16, September 2009.
The city centre enjoyed its annual week of modern art mayhem at the end of August with the Week of Contemporary Art. This week of arts initiatives is organised by Dzyga Art Centre which has consistently been one of the main engines of the Lviv cultural scene since first emerging in the heady atmosphere of liberation that accompanied the early 1990s

Etho Fest tradition alive and well

Issue 16, September 2009.
Economic woes and a lack of sponsors failed to dampen what was admittedly a slightly curtailed summer festival season in West Ukraine, but the growing ethnotradition of recent years remains alive and well. Ukraine’s western regions have long been the guarantors of the country’s national consciousness, keeping local cultures and traditions alive while much of the country experienced two centuries of Russian and Soviet rule,