Lviv Society

Spectacular” Taste of the Ukrainian Carpathians”

Issue 117, November 2018.
Eco-friendly producers from across the Carpathian region invite all good food connoisseurs to attend the exciting Taste of the Ukrainian Carpathians culinary event at Lviv’s Shevchenskyi Hai Museum of Folk Architecture & Rural Life at Zarichevo Estate. Guests will be able to taste high-quality foods from the four regions of the Carpathians – Lviv, Bukovina, Zakarpattia, and Subcarpathia) while learning about the rich Carpathian culture and traditions.

The All-New Subaru Forester at Subaru Family Day

Issue 117, November 2018.
The Garden Prostir resort complex attracted Western Ukraine’s numerous Subaru owners and luxury car aficionados to the presentation of the highly-anticipated new Subaru Forester on 27 October. Eventgoers were treated to seeing the vehicle complete a specially-designed obstacle course and various extreme test drives.


Issue 117, November 2018.
На площі перед Львівським національним університетом імені Івана Франка, в межах відзначення 100-річчя утворення Західноукраїнської Народної Республіки, 18 жовтня відбулося медійно-драматичне дійство «Момент і Чин, або Великі Роковини».


Issue 117, November 2018.
Lviv marked the state holiday Defender of Ukraine Day on 14 October with a parade of soldiers through the city centre. Veterans of ATO, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), and volunteers walked alongside numerous high-tech weapons.

International Economic Forum

Issue 117, November 2018.
Lviv hosted the International Economic Forum ‘Lviv Region – Hub of Opportunities’ from 1-2 November. Organised by the Lviv Regional State Administration, the forum is one of the most important economic events in Western Ukraine and attracts over 1,500 participants from over 20 countries each year. Ukrainian Trade Minister Stepan Kubiv opened the event by saying that “Ukraine is becoming a transit hub between Europe and Asia – a transit hub for the World Trade Organisation – and the Lviv region plays a key role in this.”

Lviv Fashion Week – Spring/Summer 2019

Issue 117, November 2018.
Some of Ukraine’s top fashion designers returned to the Western Ukrainian capital from 25-28 October for Lviv Fashion Week. The event showcased the latest collections by the likes of Lesia Semi, Chernikova, Olesia Hryn, Eklectic, and Novana Studio, and debuted young new brands like Framiore, Havryliv, Ultrasound by Zherebetska & Kucher, and Olia Zadybchuk. Special guests included Britain’s Giebultowski, Germany’s Rockmädchen, and Polish designers Waleria Tokarzewska-Karaszewicz, Kaya by Karo, and Sonia Chruścińska. The event culminated with the presentation of the wonderful wedding gowns of Oksana Mukha by Kateryna Yalova, which had opened the MQ Vienna Fashion Week earlier this season.

Ballet Premiere!

Issue 117, November 2018.
Lviv celebrated the splendid premiere of Igor Stravinsky’s ‘Truth Under the Mask’ ballet on 19 October. The show combines ‘Le Sacre du Printemps’ (The Rite of Spring) and ‘Pulcinella’ into a wonderful balletic performance. Italian choreographers Marcello Algeri and Sabrina Rinaldi worked with Lviv Opera & Ballet Theatre staff to deliver one of the most extravagant and experimental ballet shows of the year.

Cheese & Wine Festival

Issue 117, November 2018.
One of Lviv’s most anticipated culinary holidays of the year returned to the very heart of the ancient city from 19-21 October. The Cheese and Wine Festival satisfied Leopolitan cheese lovers and guests of the city with its large variety of cheeses and wines from many of Ukraine’s most renowned manufacturers and artisans.

‘Under the High Castle’ Polish Cinema Festival

Issue 117, November 2018.
The Under the High Castle modern Polish cinema festival was held in Lviv from 12-21 October. Organised by the Polish Consulate in Lviv and the Polish Institute of Cinematic Art, the event showcased 20 movies over 40 screenings in addition to numerous supporting events, like panel discussions, educational lessons on the history of cinema, exhibitions, concerts, and much more.

Race Nation 2018

Issue 116, October 2018.
Lviv’s popular night hotspot !FESTRepublic Club was the scene for Lviv’s iteration of the modern obstacle course Race Nation. Today, there are more than 5,000 types of endurance races across the globe and they have become quite popular in Ukraine. Since starting in 2015, Race Nation now offers annual endurance races in Kyiv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Ternopil, Bukovel and, of course, Lviv. Hundreds of thrill-seeking daredevils gathered for the Lviv race; one might even call them masochists – or how better to describe those willing to pay money to roll around in mud, plunge into ice ponds, scale giant walls, and carry heavy sandbags?