Lviv Society

The Authentic Ukrainian Costume Museum

Issue 96, December 2016.
Lviv’s glamorous Opera Passage mall saw the festive opening of a unique new museum on the 4th floor on December 1st. The museum features authentic Ukrainian costumes from the private collection of Leopolitan folk artist Roksolana Shymchuk, who has collected the embroidered gems since 1989.

Jazz Bez Festival

Issue 96, December 2016.
Lviv festively kicked off this year’s Jazz Bez Festival on December 2nd. Featuring musicians from around the world, this year saw the festival expand to several Ukrainian and Polish cities, including: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Ternopil, Uzhhorod, Rivne, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lutsk, and Kramatorsk in Ukraine; and Warsaw, Lublin, Wroclaw, Przemyśl, and Białystok in Poland. Leopolitans and guests of the city were delighted with this year’s rich programme, which included groups such as: Luxembourg’s Pol Belardi Quartet; Letters From København, featuring Spain’s famous drummer Carlos López; and Ukraine’s very own Andrew Arnautov Project. Jazz lovers were also treated to concerts by Ukrainian jazz patriarchs Dzyga Jazz Quintet, the Polish-Ukrainian Karnas-Gnydyn Quartet, and Jazz nad Odrą Festival winners Skicki-Skiuk.

25 Years Since Poland Recognised Ukrainian Independence

Issue 96, December 2016.
The Strategic Partnership in Times of Crisis conference, dedicated to the Polish recognition of Ukrainian sovereignty 25 years ago, was held at Lviv’s Ivan Franko National University’s Hall of Residence on December 2nd. Poland was the first country in the world to recognise Ukrainian independence. The event was attended by honorary doctors and professors, lecturers and students of the university, diplomats, and clergy. Representatives from military, government, and charitable organisations were also in attendance.

LFW New Name: Pavlo Milcharek

Issue 95, November 2016.
Among the most interesting collections of the Spring / Summer 2017 Lviv Fashion Week was the one from Pavlo Milcharek – the well-known owner of the Galychanka Galician outfits factory. The line features a new Ukrainian brand of outfits for both men and women, as well as a full range of accessories, including creative shirts, sundresses, shorts, pants, trench coats, and sleeveless longer outer jackets.

Andrey Kurkov Presents Newest Book in Lviv

Issue 95, November 2016.
Lviv’s famed Virmenka coffeehouse (19 Virmenska St.) played host to best-selling author Andrey Kurkov on October 21st, when he stopped by to present his latest novel – Schengen History, Lithuanian Novel – to Leopolitans. The 700-page tome – published in the Russian language – will be available for purchase beginning in November, while the Ukrainian translation will be released in Spring 2017. The meeting at Virmenska was followed by a book-signing and concert by saxophonist Yuriy Mashtalir. Kurkov’s presentation was just the latest in the continuing series of literary and musical events at Virmenska dedicated to remarkable events and world-famous personalities.

Cheese & Wine Festival

Issue 95, November 2016.
One of Lviv’s most-anticipated culinary events on the calendar took place from October 21-23 as Lviv hosted its annual Cheese & Wine Festival. Leopolitan cheese-lovers and guests of the city had over 200 cheeses to choose from, provided from over 30 companies and local artisan cheesemongers. Thirsty visitors had a bevy of beverages available, including reds, whites, and a hearty selection of homemade spirits.

Lviv Hosts Polish Film Festival

Issue 95, November 2016.
Leopolitan cinema lovers and guests of the city were thrilled last month when the Under the High Castle modern Polish film festival rolled through the city from October 7-16. Organised by the General Consulate of Poland alongside the Polish Institute of Cinematic Art, the festival featured over 20 film screenings, as well as several other cinema-themed events, including discussion panels, exhibitions, concerts, and even a quest.

Lviv Fashion Week – Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Issue 95, November 2016.
The always dazzling and glamorous Lviv Fashion Week returned to showcase the elegant outfits of the Spring / Summer 2017 collection from Oct. 26th-30that the Lviv Airport and other locations across the city. The event featured many of Ukraine’s top fashion designers, such as Odesa’s Sofitie, Mykolaiv’s GraNat by Natalia Grechana, Lutsk’s Ivanna Yukhymchuk, and Lviv’s-own Kateryna Karol.

“Lviv Region – Factory of Europe” International Economic Forum

Issue 95, November 2016.
Lviv played host to the “Lviv Region – Factory of Europe” international economic forum from November 3-4. The two-day event drew over 700 entrepreneurs, foreign investors, and diplomats, as well as representatives from business associations, banks, and international foundations. Among the notable people in attendance included: Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Stepan Kubiv, Minister of Infrastructure Vladimir Omelian, and Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi.

Lviv Coffee Festival Attracts Over 150,000!

Issue 94, October 2016.
Hotel suites were hard to come by as over 150,000 coffee lovers from across Ukraine flocked to the Western Ukrainian capital for the Lviv Coffee Festival from September 22-25. “It took us 10 long years to be able to say that our city hosted the biggest coffee festival in Europe – the Lviv Coffee Festival” said beaming festival director Andriy Sydor. There are plenty of things that draw a person to a coffeehouse – the taste, the people, the atmosphere, even the hospitality – so each year the Lviv Coffee Festival crowns the city’s finest coffeehouses in each of those areas. To win a Lviv Coffee Festival award is a great challenge and an even greater honour. This year many of Lviv’s most popular – and talented – coffeehouses took part hoping to be crowned Lviv’s Best Coffeehouse 2016, “Dominicanes”, “Virmenka”, Cezve and brazier style coffee shop “Bakhchisarai”, Black Honey, restaurant “Atlas”, coffee-house “Shtuka”, coffee-shop – museum “Fiksazh”, Svit Kavy on Rynok square, confectionary “Liguminka” and Rocket espresso.