Lviv Society

French Ambassador Launches French Spring in Lviv

Issue 111, April 2018.
Lviv’s History Museum was the site for the official launch of French Spring 2018, an event designed to popularize French culture, from art and cinema to music and the culinary arts. Organised by the Institute Francais d’Ukraine, Alliance Francaise (AF), and the Embassy of France in nine Ukrainian cities including Lviv, the event was officially opened by French Ambassador Isabelle Dumont.

Lviv Tour Guide Forum

Issue 110, March 2018.
Lviv’s FESTRepublic Club played host to the Lviv Tour Guide Forum from 27-28 February. The platform for tour guides, operators, and agencies to share ideas and experiences was initiated by the Lviv Tourism Office and featured several panel discussions, including ‘Centre of life outside the centre’, ‘Successful cases of tourist decentralisation’, and ‘Transformation of Sykhiv’s A. Dovzhenko Cultural and Educational Centre’. Other panels looked at regional centres, like ‘Dnipro – a new tourist destination on the map of Ukraine’, and ‘Ternopil – tourist hub in Western Ukraine’

Napalm Death Metal Gig in Lviv

Issue 110, March 2018.
Lviv’s !FESTRepublic Club was the scene for British extreme metal band Napalm Death’s concert on 23 February. Formed back in ’81, the group is credited as pioneers of the grindcore genre by incorporating elements of crust punk and death metal.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Visits Lviv

Issue 110, March 2018.
Pavlo Klimkin, Ukraine’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, payed a working visit to Lviv on 2 March to meet with Lviv Region leaders, as well as teachers and students at Lviv’s I. Franko National University.

Women’s March for Equal Rights

Issue 110, March 2018.
The feminist movement has always been about equality for all women, but there are many paths to that goal. One of them featured hundreds of feminists wielding colourful posters at the annual Leopolitan Women’s March on International Women’s Day on 8 March. Over 200 participants demanded an end to gender-based violence and discriminatory policies.

The Art of Arturo Sandoval

Issue 110, March 2018.
Lviv’s central Opera & Ballet Theatre played host to the concert of Arturo Sandoval, one of the world’s most acknowledged guardians of jazz trumpet and flugelhorn, on 26 February. The accomplished artist, classical pianist, and composer has won 10 Grammy Awards (19 nominations), an Emmy, and six Billboard Awards.

PM Groysman Pays Working Visit to Lviv

Issue 109, February 2018.
Ukraine’s head of government paid a working visit to Lviv on 8 February. Prime Minister Volodomyr Groysman met with students and teachers at the Ukrainian Catholic University and later checked in on the reconstruction work at the Lviv Regional Clinical Perinatal Centre, which is set to open by the end of the year.

Event Industry Forum

Issue 109, February 2018.
Arena Lviv played host to the Event Industry Forum, a special event aimed at the self-identification of the event industry in Western Ukraine – and especially Lviv – from 9-10 February. The forum’s program was put together so to heighten the understanding of an event manager’s work, show new possibilities of the profession, set a new pace for the industry’s market, and create a new impulse for its creativity.

Cheerful Chinese Spring Concert

Issue 109, February 2018.
On February 6th Leopolitans and guests of the city were delighted by a special “Jolly Holiday of Spring” concert featuring artists and musicians from China. The event was organised by the Lanhua Cultural Research Centre of China and Ukraine to mark the Chinese New Year, which began on February 16th. Following the Chinese Lunar Calendar, Chinese New Year is every year on a different date.

INSO-Lviv Celebrated 20th Anniversary

Issue 109, February 2018.
One of Ukraine’s finest symphony orchestras – Lviv’s-own INSO-Lviv – festively celebrated its 20th anniversary on 28 January in an event hosted by the Lviv Philharmonic Society. Each year the orchestra brings to life some of Ukraine’s grandest and most unique musical projects, like the all-Ukrainian ‘Shared Sky’ project that united Ukraine’s seven largest orchestras in performing Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy’ at airports across Ukraine in a show of Ukrainian unity, or the international cultural event ‘Ready. Steady. BACH! Marathon’ in Lviv that set the record for longest live performance of Bach music in Ukraine.