Lviv Society

PM Groysman Pays Working Visit to Lviv

Issue 109, February 2018.
Ukraine’s head of government paid a working visit to Lviv on 8 February. Prime Minister Volodomyr Groysman met with students and teachers at the Ukrainian Catholic University and later checked in on the reconstruction work at the Lviv Regional Clinical Perinatal Centre, which is set to open by the end of the year.

Event Industry Forum

Issue 109, February 2018.
Arena Lviv played host to the Event Industry Forum, a special event aimed at the self-identification of the event industry in Western Ukraine – and especially Lviv – from 9-10 February. The forum’s program was put together so to heighten the understanding of an event manager’s work, show new possibilities of the profession, set a new pace for the industry’s market, and create a new impulse for its creativity.

Cheerful Chinese Spring Concert

Issue 109, February 2018.
On February 6th Leopolitans and guests of the city were delighted by a special “Jolly Holiday of Spring” concert featuring artists and musicians from China. The event was organised by the Lanhua Cultural Research Centre of China and Ukraine to mark the Chinese New Year, which began on February 16th. Following the Chinese Lunar Calendar, Chinese New Year is every year on a different date.

INSO-Lviv Celebrated 20th Anniversary

Issue 109, February 2018.
One of Ukraine’s finest symphony orchestras – Lviv’s-own INSO-Lviv – festively celebrated its 20th anniversary on 28 January in an event hosted by the Lviv Philharmonic Society. Each year the orchestra brings to life some of Ukraine’s grandest and most unique musical projects, like the all-Ukrainian ‘Shared Sky’ project that united Ukraine’s seven largest orchestras in performing Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy’ at airports across Ukraine in a show of Ukrainian unity, or the international cultural event ‘Ready. Steady. BACH! Marathon’ in Lviv that set the record for longest live performance of Bach music in Ukraine.

Poroshenko Meets With Canadian Governor General

Issue 109, February 2018.
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko met with Canadian Governor General Julie Payette – also the country’s Commander-in-Chief – in Lviv in January to discuss issues of further cooperation. Payette arrived in Lviv to show her support to Canadian soldiers taking part in the UNIFIER operation in Ukraine. During her stay, she visited the ATO Heroes Memorial and met with members of the Canadian and Ukrainian armed forces at the military police training centre, which was established as part of the UNIFIER operation in 2017 with the help of Canadians.

High Castle Autumn Art Salon

Issue 107, December 2017.
Lviv’s Art Palace was home to the High Castle Autumn Art Salon – an event that showcases the paintings and sculptures of young artists alongside recognized maestros – from 5 November to 3 December. Considered one of the most dynamic and independent art events in Western Ukraine, High Castle featured several exhibits, one of which was traditionally dedicated to the memory of an outstanding Leopolitan artist Myron Yatsiv (1929-96).


Issue 107, December 2017.
On November 26th Leopolitan music lovers were delighted by concert by cello player Gary Hoffman, (USA) who plays a Nicolo Amati cello from 1662 and violin player Valeriy Sokolov, (Germany – Ukraine) who plays pricey Stradivarius, dated 1703.


Issue 107, December 2017.
Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) held its tenth annual Charity Evening and Silent Auction in Kyiv on December 2. What began as a modest get-together of mostly diaspora and native Lviv professionals in Kyiv has morphed to the most well-attended and highly sought-after charity events in the capital city – so much so that demand exceeded available tickets.

ХVII International music festival “Jazz Bez”

Issue 107, December 2017.
The XVII “Jazz Bez” International Music Festival, featuring a talented array of international musicians performing in venues across Lviv, was held from December 1-10. This year’s festival let jazz fans enjoy 87 concerts by 60 musicians from the USA, Canada, Australia, Luxembourg, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Ukraine.

Lviv Grand Prix Half Marathon

Issue 106, November 2017.
The annual Lviv Grand Prix Half Marathon raced through the city on 29 October. Mayor Andriy Sadovyi greeted the 2,000+ runners that included many celebrities. Some of the more famous runners included singer and composer Bria Blessing, 1+1 presenter Solomiya Vitvitska, BarvyProject Band soloist Oksana Stebelska, TV Presenter of the ‘TSN. Morning’, at 1+1 TV channel Svyatoslav Hrynchuk, and many others.