Lviv Promotion

Mirotel Resort & Spa - hotel for family rest

Issue 50, October 2012.
Life is swift passing. Often in this rhythm we forget about the most important things, which we live for : sharing time with our dearest, closest people and family. It’s precious to have nowhere to rush, enjoy smiles of children, have a pleasant conversation with your sweetheart savouring glass of good wine ... Do you remember when it was last time you did all this? You are lucky if you do, and if not there is a way to change the situation.


Issue 47, June 2012.
On May 25-26, 2012 in Truskavets took place festive opening ceremony of new recreation complex “Mirotel Resort & Spa”. Only best creative constructors and leading designers not only from Ukraine’s several cities, but also from other countries were invited to implement this project and they successfully completed honorable task.


Issue 46, May 2012.
Glyptography is thousands of years old and is truly considered an eternal art. Vintage, antique, Victorian or modern style - today we with pleasure recollect all the beautiful intricacies of glyptic art which was forgotten for many years.

Mirotel resort & spa invites you to ... a culinary escape!

Issue 46, May 2012.
The new hotel in Truskavets has already started to amaze! When the whole world, and the city of Lviv, Donetsk, Kharkiv and Kyiv starts to become a hassle for their people, hotel «mirotel resort & Spa» has created a special package for those who would like to relax in style without missing any of the historic moments of «Euro 2012»!

Birth place of inspiration

Issue 45, April 2012.
Everything is relative. Fame, success, failure ... Only love, friendship and freedom - always remain true. Only they add strength to live and strength to resist the winds of fate. And often so routine and problems bitterness fill all around ... Then it's time to put an end and begin enthusiastically creating the history of peace, celebration and renewal of spiritual forces of the new property «Mirotel Resort & Spa», which is opening in April 2012 in the resort town of Truskavets - Lviv region. Our magazine managed to have one of the first glimpse behind the veil of mystery of this new hotel...

Mosaic Masterpiece of Barcelona

Issue 45, April 2012.
Few can resist the compelling charms of Catalonia and Barcelona – both first-class Spanish tourist destinations. The beautiful beaches of the Costa Brava, an inexhaustible trove of artistic treasures and the lively activity of a city like Barcelona are set against a background of exquisite architecture including Romanesque churches.

Feel the magic of Berlin

Issue 44, March 2012.
England takes pride in London, the U.S. loves New York, France is slightly narcissistic about Paris, and once again, Germany proudly claims Berlin. Today Berlin is a mixture of glamour and grit, teeming with top museums and galleries, grand opera and dazzling clubs, gourmet temples and ethnic snack shacks.


Issue 44, March 2012.
High end jewellery pieces are valuable not only because of the rare gems and first-rate materials that are used, but also because of the creative design and exquisite craftsmanship that goes into it.

Ready For Take Off!

Issue 44, March 2012.
Ukraine has always been a vitally important player on the world stage due to its strategic location and commercial potential. Sitting conveniently between the European Union and Eurasia, it is blessed with an envious geographical position that has for many years remained largely under exploited especially in terms of its tourism industry. That however, is all about to change dramatically with the opening of the new Lviv International Airport, in time for the European 2012 Football Championships. As Lviv is one of four Ukrainian cities to host the championship, it was required that Lviv’s airport should be modernised in preparation for the massive increase in visitors to the city. Additionally, the airport will serve as a main gateway hub for visitors travelling onwards to other parts of Ukraine via road or rail.

I Love New York

Issue 43, February 2012.
New York City is home to some of the world's most recognizable and cherished landmarks and attractions. From Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park to the Empire State Building and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the island of Manhattan packs more legendary icons into one compact area than any other place on Earth!