Lviv Promotion

Special Olympics Opens Games

Issue 73, November 2014.
The Special Olympics are the world’s largest year-round program of sports training and competition for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Founded in 1968 by Eunice Kennedy Shriver – sister of US President John F. Kennedy – the Special Olympics have grown into a global movement that currently serves more than 4 million athletes in 170 countries all around the world. Countries are expected to run their own Special Olympics programs independently, and it is no different in Ukraine.

Chicago Admires ‘Vyshyvanka Couture’

Issue 72, October 2014.
The Ukrainian National Museum in Chicago, USA hosted their annual Banquet & Fashion Show on September 28th, featuring prominent Leopolitan designer Oksana Karavanska’s ‘Vyshyvanka Couture’ collection of embroidered outfits. Lviv’s Karavanska has been one of the biggest names in Ukrainian fashion for over a decade after starring on the country’s most popular fashion TV show. The owner of the OK’ by Oksanakaravanska and the OK’ by Oksanakaravanska for Men brands, she also sits as a member on the influential Fashion Council of Ukraine.

Ukrainian Film a Hit at Cannes

Issue 69, June 2014.
Even as the Ukrainian economy slips into recession and our army prepares for war, Ukrainian culture continues to flourish. Ukrainian director Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy’s feature film “The Tribe” (Plemya) qualified for the official screening list at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival last month. The film was nominated for the festival’s Golden Camera Award and walked home with several honours, including the Nespresso Grand Prize, the France 4 Visionary Award, and the Gan Foundation Support for Distribution prize.


Issue 67, April 2014.
Find out about spectacular fashion show by Ukraine’s recognized designer Oksana Karavanska “Ukrainian Haute Couture Fall 2014” which took place at New York’s National Arts Club

Ukrainian Book Wins Prestigious Award

Issue 66, March 2014.
The Ukrainian book “Stars and Poppy Seeds” (Зірки і макові зернята) is set to be awarded with the BolognaRagazzi Award in late March. The awards are one of the most prestigious recognitions in the children’s publishing field as publishers submit only their best works, guaranteeing an exceptional standard of quality among candidates. Sponsored by the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, the awards recognize the best books in terms of graphic and editorial design.

RIUS: Hotel for High Achievers

Issue 65, February 2014.
The modern lifestyle requires us to devote a huge part of our life to our careers. Business negotiations, trainings, conferences, travelling, and meetings with clients and partners are all essential conditions of a modern businessperson’s lifestyle. What is the best way to keep everything organized? How do you avoid losing time in traffic jams in the city’s centre? How does one stay positive while at the same time solving actual problems? How does one recuperate after a stressful situation? And, most importantly, how does one stay focussed on the task at hand? You’ll find the answers to all of these questions at the recently-opened RIUS hotel.

Lviv’s 2022 Olympic Bid Logo Selected

Issue 65, February 2014.
Lviv’s bid for the 2022 Olympic Winter Games received its public image last month when Vice-Prime Minister Olexandr Vilkul and Ukrainian National Olympic Committee (NOC) President Sergey Bubka announced the winner of the logo contest.

Lidiya Yanitska: The new name of Ukrainian fashion

Issue 63, December 2013.
Lidiya Yanitska is the newest name in the Ukrainian fashion world. It is becoming more and more common to see Lidiya Yanitska, originally from Ternopil, take part in various presentations and stylish fashion shows, including this year’s Lviv Fashion Week.

Spectacular Winter Holidays for the Whole Family

Issue 63, December 2013.
Your winter holiday vacation could be wonderful and cheerful even with something other than a traditional skiing getaway or expensive travel to a warmer place. Since last month, Kamyanets-Podilsky has already begun our preparations for the winter holiday season by developing a serious of interesting programs and events for children and grown-ups of all ages and from every country.

The Salty Corners of Zakarpattya

Issue 58, June 2013.
In Soviet times a spell in the salt mines was the fate of dissidents and criminals. But today the glittering tunnels below Solotvyno in Western Ukraine have been transformed into a more benign destination: a utopia for people with asthma and other respiratory diseases. Doctors at Solotvyno's allergological hospital direct patients to dank chambers 300 meters below ground, where a unique microclimate is said to ease their coughing and wheezing. The hospital, set among rolling hills near the Romanian border, started as a small clinic almost 30 years ago but is now a luxury complex serving about 6,000 people a year.