Lviv Promotion

Ready For Take Off!

Issue 44, March 2012.
Ukraine has always been a vitally important player on the world stage due to its strategic location and commercial potential. Sitting conveniently between the European Union and Eurasia, it is blessed with an envious geographical position that has for many years remained largely under exploited especially in terms of its tourism industry. That however, is all about to change dramatically with the opening of the new Lviv International Airport, in time for the European 2012 Football Championships. As Lviv is one of four Ukrainian cities to host the championship, it was required that Lviv’s airport should be modernised in preparation for the massive increase in visitors to the city. Additionally, the airport will serve as a main gateway hub for visitors travelling onwards to other parts of Ukraine via road or rail.

I Love New York

Issue 43, February 2012.
New York City is home to some of the world's most recognizable and cherished landmarks and attractions. From Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park to the Empire State Building and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the island of Manhattan packs more legendary icons into one compact area than any other place on Earth!

Singapore - A City to Shout About

Issue 42, January 2012.
A cultural melting pot and dazzling example of the region's economic successes, wealthy Singapore assails the senses of the first time visitor.


Issue 41, December 2011.
On 24 November, the Lviv region’s ofcial Mercedes-Benz dealer ‘Western Ukrainian Automobile House’ presented the hotly anticipated Mercedes-Benz ML 350 BlueTEC 4MATIC.


Issue 41, December 2011.
Leopolis Hall, Opera Passage, was the venue for this year’s “Win with the Lion” tourism conference on 25-26 November.

Experience the Magic of Christmas in London

Issue 41, December 2011.
Visiting London, one of the most exciting and diverse cities in the world, is an amazing experience at any time of year. At Christmas time, however, the city becomes a true winter wonderland, offering more dazzling attractions and festive cheer than anyone could wish for!

On Arrival: Lviv International Airport Excitement building as Leopolitans anticipate the dawn of a new era of travel possibilities

Issue 39, October 2011.
Ukraine is often described as Europe’s gateway to Eurasia, and within Ukraine it is Lviv which holds the key to this enormously lucrative modern-day silk route. As in ancient times, the city sits at the intersection of crucial regional transport routes and forms a key link in the chain connecting EU markets with the emerging economies of Eurasia. The opportunities presented by this favourable location have attracted considerable state investment in recent years. Indeed, the city’s infrastructure has been one of the major beneficiaries of Euro 2012 construction works and in some areas is now beginning to approach EU levels. Nevertheless, it will be some years more before Lviv’s road and rail networks have achieved full parity with their EU neighbours. The most immediate infrastructure improvement will be the opening of Lviv International Airport this winter – an event which in itself promises to totally alter Lviv’s international accessibility and allow the city to reap the full benefits once more of its historically fortuitous location.

Salt, Springs and Spa Towns.

Issue 39, October 2011.
Truskavets may well be the most attractive spa resort in Europe. Hidden at the foothills of the beautiful and picturesque Precarpathians, Truskavets is 450 meters above sea level. With an average of 200 days sunshine per year, warm days predominate, though crisp bright Winters are cold. About 100 kms from Lviv, Truskavets is an easy hour’s drive.

Introducing Guǎngzhōu

Issue 39, October 2011.
Known to many in the West as ‘Canton’, Guǎngzhōu is the first city on most visitors’ itineraries. Wrapped in a perpetual haze of pink smog and flashing neon lights, the city overwhelms with energy, colour, and size. Like neighbouring Hong Kong, the city has been swept up into a consumerist whirl, but scratch away Guǎngzhōu’s glittery surface and you’ll find a place unique among urban centers.

Culture & Foie gras Par Excellence

Issue 38, September 2011.
Nestled at the heart of the Midi-Pyrenean region, Toulouse has always enjoyed its status in the South-West of France. A 2,000 year history is evident in the brick and tile architecture so typical of the cities, villages and farms across the Midi-Pyrenees region. The golden light reflecting on the Toulouse brickwork has earned it the name ‘Ville Rose’. This fabulous colouring imbues the city with a gentle and warm atmosphere.