Lviv Personality

Immortalised in Lviv Stone

Issue 3, July 2008.
Elegant Oksana Kozynkevich is the director of the 16th to 18th century art department at the Lviv Art Gallery (located inside Pototsky Palace). As well as working to protect the West Ukraine’s capital’s unique cultural heritage, she is also the muse who inspired one of Lviv’s most iconic monuments.

Passionate about Lviv

Issue 3, July 2008.
Ukrainian actress Olha Sumska is best known as the lady who played the lead role in the 1990s TV series “Roksolana,” which depicted the life of the Lviv region girl who was captured by Tatar raiders in the 16th century and sold into slavery before entering a Turkish harem and marrying the Ottoman Sultan. Born in Lviv, Olha has become a living legend in the region and remains deeply attached to her home town.

Celebrating a rich urban heritage

Issue 6, October 2008.
Austrian Harald Binder is the driving force behind the Lviv Centre for East European Urban History, the arts and heritage venture which has injected a new dynamic into the Lviv culture scene. So what is it about Mr. Binder that has attracted him to Lviv?

Founding father of the modern Lviv scene

Issue 6, October 2008.
This year Dzyga will celebrate its fifteenth anniversary with a vast array of arts and cultural events. Over 15 years the Dzyga team have been involved in much that has been exciting and dynamic about the city’s thriving post-independence artistic awakening. Overall, they estimate that they have been responsible for 2239 cultural events including 394 exhibitions, 1223 club gigs, 26 festivals, 117 arts performances, 360 literary presentations and a great number of fringe events which defy categorization. In total, they have entertained around 1.5 million people, a figure which reinforces the Dzyga brand’s reputation as an engine of modern Lviv culture.

Lemberg Maestro

Issue 9, January 2009.
Swiss maestro Gunhard Mattes is the founder and conductor of Lviv’s internationally-acclaimed INSO Lemberg orchestra, which celebrated its tenth anniversary at the close of 2008. A child prodigy who went on to perform alongside some of the greatest figures in modern classical music and lead the Chinese National Symphony Orchestra in Beijing, Mr. Mattes has formed a special bond with Lviv and created one of the most sparkling orchestras in the region.

Lviv is my Inspiration!

Issue 1, May 2008.
Thanks to her 2004 Eurovision Song Contest victory Ruslana is probably the most famous Ukrainian recording artist in the world, with a fan base in all five continents and regular concert tours throughout Europe, Asia and North America. However, despite the excitement of international fame, she remains a patriotic Lvivyanka at heart who is passionate about her native town and says she is inspired by Ukraine’s most quintessentially European city. She believes that Lviv’s long historical association with the changing tides of Central European empires has helped create a uniquely European mentality among the people of the city, and says that as a result of growing up in the West Ukrainian capital she now feels at home pretty much anywhere she travels throughout Eastern Europe.