Lviv Personality

Lviv international

Issue 11, March 2009.
Starting with first spring issue is introduced our new rubric - “Lviv International”. Novelty aims to present to the readers all the present days greatest achievements of Lvivites, which did their best to gain personal international recognition and made name of Lviv widely respected in many areas like art, sport, fashion etc. People behind events and names connected with successes, find more in Lviv International

Chic French snapper focuses on Lviv

Issue 10, February 2009.
28 year old French photographer Dorothy Shoes whose often theatrically-inspired works have been published in magazines and exhibited all over the world. This month she is adding Lviv to her list of international exhibitions, with a collection of her works going on show at the city’s ever-innovative and inspirational Dzyga Art Centre.

Lviv’s Undisputed Knockout King

Issue 2, June 2008.
Lviv boxer Andrey Kotelnik is a local hero in every sense. Since winning the World Light Welterweight title in Cardiff in March 2008 by defeating the heavily fancied Gavin Rees of Great Britain, he has become a Ukrainian hero, receiving honours from President Yushchenko and the acclaim of the nation. This Lviv lad has been based in Germany ever since turning pro following success at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games but he remains a regular visitor to his old stomping ground and is still passionate about life in Lviv.

Ukrainian Darwinism

Issue 2, June 2008.
Lviv restaurateur Mark Zarkhin is one of West Ukraine’s leading gourmets and as General Director of Fast Food Systems oversees one of the largest dining out empires in the country which includes sophisticated Lviv venue Darwin and the hugely successful Celentano pizzeria chain.

"City of Enigmas"

Issue 5, September 2008.
Andreas Wenninger heads Lviv’s Austrian Culture Centre. He is one of the most well-known and long-established members of the Lviv international community.

Austrian Living in Today’s Lviv

Issue 5, September 2008.
Hildegard Kainzbauer is a young Austrian lady who left her Viennese upbringing behind to embark on a voyage of cultural discovery in Lviv, where she currently teaches German and is active in the arts and culture sphere of city life

Fashion’s Biggest Brand Name

Issue 6, October 2008.
Lviv designer Oksana Karavanska has been one of the biggest names in Ukrainian fashion for over a decade, but despite TV fame and demand for her distinctive look across Ukraine she has resisted the temptation to move to Kyiv and continues to split her time between the capital and her native city. After setting out on her own in the then-embryonic world of post-independence Ukrainian fashion in the early 1991s, Karavanska has become a regular headliner at Ukrainian fashion week, a star pundit on the country’s most popular fashion TV show and the owner of her own flagship boutique on Kyiv’s central Khreschatyk Street. Typically for Karavanska, the Kyiv boutique is decorated in giant floor to ceiling prints of Lviv skylines, capturing the essence of timeless Lviv in a particularly fresh and modern manner.

Immortalised in Lviv Stone

Issue 3, July 2008.
Elegant Oksana Kozynkevich is the director of the 16th to 18th century art department at the Lviv Art Gallery (located inside Pototsky Palace). As well as working to protect the West Ukraine’s capital’s unique cultural heritage, she is also the muse who inspired one of Lviv’s most iconic monuments.

Passionate about Lviv

Issue 3, July 2008.
Ukrainian actress Olha Sumska is best known as the lady who played the lead role in the 1990s TV series “Roksolana,” which depicted the life of the Lviv region girl who was captured by Tatar raiders in the 16th century and sold into slavery before entering a Turkish harem and marrying the Ottoman Sultan. Born in Lviv, Olha has become a living legend in the region and remains deeply attached to her home town.

Celebrating a rich urban heritage

Issue 6, October 2008.
Austrian Harald Binder is the driving force behind the Lviv Centre for East European Urban History, the arts and heritage venture which has injected a new dynamic into the Lviv culture scene. So what is it about Mr. Binder that has attracted him to Lviv?