Lviv Personality

Jamala goes to Lviv!

Issue 39, October 2011.
In the eve of his appearances in Lviv Jamal gave an interview to our correspondent

Legendary Leopolitans No. 11: Yuriy Kulchytsky The Grandfather of European Coffee Culture.

Issue 38, September 2011.
It takes but a quick walk around Lviv’s historical centre to see how the city is a coffee lover’s paradise, boasting over 500 coffeehouses where you can choose a relaxing brew and taste of old bohemia.

Legendary Leopolitans No. 10: Oleh Luzhny: Lviv Footballing Legend

Issue 37, July 2011.
The city of Lviv has a great sporting history, pioneering football, ice-hockey, basketball, water polo and rugby matches since Polish times. In fact, the Polish Football Federation was founded in Lviv in 1911, and many Lvivites, such as Kazimierz Gorski, Ryszard Koncewicz, Michał Matyas and Wacław Kuchar, have achieved notable success as coaches in Poland. Today we take a look at footballing legend, Oleh Luzhny, who has delighted and amazed us for over 20 years, as his career climbed to the top of International Football, captaining Ukraine a record 39 times and becoming one of the most recognised footballers in Ukraine in the process. Today, now retired from play, Oleh works Assistant Coach at FC Dynamo Kyiv, where his experience at home and abroad is invaluable to the team today.
Christophe Guillarme with It-girl Hofit Golan

French style icon at Lviv Fashion Week 2011

Issue 33, March 2011.
Lviv Fashion Week is fast becoming one of the biggest catwalk events in the former Soviet Union and as if to prove it, the number of international designers participating in the twice-yearly fashion focus continues to grow. This April’s LFW shows will be graced by a number of international designers with young French catwalk icon Christophe Guillarme set to top the bill. 32 year old Christophe is one of the most talked-about young designers working in the pressure cooker world of French fashion today and has been an increasingly high-profile socialite designer since first breaking ranks with the young hopefuls who crowd Parisian showrooms and showcasing his first collection in the late 1990s. He is a graduate of France’s well respected Ecole Superieure of the Applied Arts and is best known for his multi-media artistic approach to putting on fashion shows which has led many critics to compare his catwalk extravaganzas to modern art installations rather than simple clothing demonstrations.

Legendary Leopolitans No. 9: Ukraine’s greatest heroine Roxelana

Issue 32, February 2011.
Who is the most famous Ukrainian woman of all time? In the modern era that honour would be contested by political icon Yulia Tymoshenko, Eurovision star Ruslana and Olympic champion Lilya Podkopayeva, while through the mists of time historical figures like the canonized Princess Olga and fin de siecle authoress Lesya Ukrainka loom particularly large. However, none of these figures can hope to compete with the sensational story of Roxelana, the sixteenth Ukrainian country girl who was cast into the hell of chattel slavery only to rise to a position of unrivalled authority in the world’s most powerful empire.

“Leopolitan ladies are better dressed than Parisian girls!” Interview: Japanese fashion icon Kenzo Takada enjoys his first taste of Leopolitan style

Issue 29, November 2010.
The guest of honour at the sixth season of Lviv Fashion Week (LFW) shows was celebrated Japanese designer Kenzo Takada. The seventy one year old founder of the Kenzo fashion house was paying his first ever visit to Ukraine and was clearly impressed by his first experience of the Lviv high society scene – enthusing over everything from the quality of the collections on display to the elegance of the city’s ladies and the beauty of its architecture. Kenzo is the biggest name yet to guest star at LFW and his appearance illustrates the growing prestige of this relatively new regional fashion initiative. Within the space of the past three years, LFW has become a fixture on the local high society calendar and has succeeded in establishing itself as a credible regional alternative to the traditional Ukrainian Fashion Week shows in Kyiv.

Legendary Leopolitans No. 8: The borderland virtuoso of the viola

Issue 28, October 2010.
Adopted Lviv native Yuri Bashmet is one of the most respected international violists in the world today. Like so many talented instrumentalists of his generation, he has also branched and founded an orchestra which he conducts. He has never abandoned the viola, managing to split his time in even portions between soloist and conductor, often appearing in both roles in the same concert. He has performed with the world’s leading orchestras, including those in Moscow, Berlin, Paris, New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, and many other locales.

Legendary Leopolitans No. 7: Islamic thinker from Europe’s religious crossroads

Issue 26, July 2010.
Muhammad Asad’s name figures prominently on the roll of 20th century English-language Muslim thinkers. He is a remarkable and unlikely figure whose association with Lviv reflects the city’s heritage as one of the world’s great crossroads of cultures and religions.

Legendary Leopolitans No. 6: The ultimate vodka dynasty

Issue 25, June 2010.
At the beginning of the 20th century Lviv was perhaps best known to the outside world as the home of the famous Baczewski vodka family which exported its celebrated beverages around the world and won the admiration of kings and emperors during an era when Lviv was the eastern outpost of Europe’s great dynastic empires.

Legendary Leopolitans No. 5: Mozart’s forgotten son

Issue 24, May 2010.
Franz Xaver Wolfgang Mozart (26 July 1791 – 29 July 1844), also known as F. X. Mozart or simply Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Jr., was the youngest child of six born to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his wife Constanze. He was spend much of life in the shadow of his father’s greatness while making a major contribution to the growth of musical education in 19th century Habsburg Lviv