Lviv Personality

It is worth exploring the local cuisine of Lviv!

Issue 46, May 2012.
For many years, Kiki Baron, as an author and travel writer for major magazines and newspapers including Vogue, Gourmet, Lufthansa Magazine, Merian and GeoSaison and the Sueddeutsche Zeitung, FAZ and Welt am Sonntag, has travelled worldwide researching where to go, finding original locations and meeting all sorts of people. A true expert on any destination she covers, as she visits all the places she writes about, in order to know them inside and out — A German journalist, an expert on travel and an author of many books on the world’s most interesting countries and cuisines, Kiki Baron came to visit Lviv at the end of April. During her stay Kiki Baron kindly took time out of her busy schedule to give a short interview to Lviv Today and shared some of her impressions about our city as well as gave best tips for Lviv’s future.

Legendary Leopolitans No. 13: Olena Kulchytska, Arts without borders

Issue 45, April 2012.
Olena Kulchytska is indisputably one of the most prominent Ukrainian artists of the 20th century. During her lifetime her paintings were exhibited at nearly sixty shows in Ukraine and abroad in cities including Kyiv, Lviv, Berlin, Brussels, Warsaw, Vienna, Helsinki, Cracow, Moscow, Paris, Poznan, Prague, Rome, Toronto, and Chicago. A 1987 UNESCO resolution, commemorating the 100th anniversary of her birth on an international scale, points to her outstanding talent

Interview with designers ‘Yassen Samouilov’ and ‘Livia Stoianova’, creators of the stylish brand ‘On Aura Tout Vu’

Issue 44, March 2012.
Lviv Fashion Week will be proud to welcome for the very first time to Ukraine, the world famous designers ‘Yassen Samouilov’ and ‘Livia Stoianova’, creators of the stylish brand ‘On Aura Tout Vu’. They have previously created accessories for big names such as Christian Dior, Christian Lacroix, and Givenchy, to name but a few. In 2002 the brand introduced its first collection of Haute Couture and is now a visiting member of the French Federation of Fashion and a permanent member of Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week. On the eve of their first visit to Ukraine, Lviv Today had a unique opportunity to talk to the two designers about what inspires them, and how they feel about Ukrainian fashion.

Legendary Leopolitans No. 12: Les Kurbas Creator of the Modern Ukrainian Theatre

Issue 44, March 2012.
Les' Kurbas (1887-1937) was a prominent Ukrainian artist, founder of the modern national theatre, actor, producer, civil activist, translator-polyglot, and one of the leaders of the national-cultural movement known as 'The Assassinated Renaissance', which represented an age of hope for a renaissance and Ukraine's secession from Russia.


Issue 44, March 2012.
Prior to his arrival in Lviv Alessandro Safina took time out of his schedule to give an interview to Lviv Today.

Volodymyr Sharan : «To work in FC “Karpaty” was my dream»

Issue 43, February 2012.
Sharan started his career with Lviv’s FC Karpaty” in the season of 1989. In 1991 he left for “Dynamo” (Kiev) and as a player was a three times winner of the Ukrainian Championship (1993-95) and also the Ukrainian Cup (1993). Later during 1995—1997, he joined “Dnipro” (Dnipropetrovsk), and FC “LViv”, and in 1998—2000 he returned to FC “Karpaty”. As player of FC “Karpaty” Sharan was a bronze medal winner in Ukraine’s Championship of 1998, and a Ukrainian Cup 1999 finalist with subsequent UEFA Cup qualification. In total, Sharan played 98 matches as an FC “Karpaty” player in the USSR and Ukrainian Championships,scoring 16 goals. He finished his career as a player during 2001–2003 with “Polihraftekhnika” (Oleksandria) and started his coaching career training players of “Kryvbas-2” (Kryvyi Rih), “Zirka” (Kirovohrad), “Zakarpattia” (Uzhhorod), and “PFC” (Oleksandria). On 21st January 2012 he accepted the position of manager at FC “Karpaty” (Lviv).

A Very Modern Master – Mykhailo Dzyndra

Issue 42, January 2012.
Mykhailo Dzyndra, one of Lviv’s most treasured modern artists, was born on 8 November, 1921 in the village of Demnia, Mykolaiv District, Lviv Region. His specialist study began at the Lviv School of Industrial Arts, however in 1944 he emigrated to Bratislava, in the former Czechoslovakia, and then, to avoid the Soviet conflicts, he moved again, to West Germany.

Jamala goes to Lviv!

Issue 39, October 2011.
In the eve of his appearances in Lviv Jamal gave an interview to our correspondent

Legendary Leopolitans No. 11: Yuriy Kulchytsky The Grandfather of European Coffee Culture.

Issue 38, September 2011.
It takes but a quick walk around Lviv’s historical centre to see how the city is a coffee lover’s paradise, boasting over 500 coffeehouses where you can choose a relaxing brew and taste of old bohemia.

Legendary Leopolitans No. 10: Oleh Luzhny: Lviv Footballing Legend

Issue 37, July 2011.
The city of Lviv has a great sporting history, pioneering football, ice-hockey, basketball, water polo and rugby matches since Polish times. In fact, the Polish Football Federation was founded in Lviv in 1911, and many Lvivites, such as Kazimierz Gorski, Ryszard Koncewicz, Michał Matyas and Wacław Kuchar, have achieved notable success as coaches in Poland. Today we take a look at footballing legend, Oleh Luzhny, who has delighted and amazed us for over 20 years, as his career climbed to the top of International Football, captaining Ukraine a record 39 times and becoming one of the most recognised footballers in Ukraine in the process. Today, now retired from play, Oleh works Assistant Coach at FC Dynamo Kyiv, where his experience at home and abroad is invaluable to the team today.