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be with Grytsyna

Issue 128, November 2019.
Львів’янка Мар’яна Грицина створює живописні полотна у модній сьогодні акриловій техніці та випускає свою лінію одягу під брендом Grytsyna. Її фешн дебют, як дизайнера розпочався зовсім недавно. Цього літа вийшла перша лімітована колекція T-shirt SS19 "be with Grytsyna", яка досить скоро набула популярності серед молоді і не тільки. Про мистецтво, улюблений oversize і не тільки, у інтерв’ю для Lviv Today.

The Art of Success: Matthias Kendlinger

Issue 123, May 2019.
Austrian conductor, composer, and impresario Matthias Kendlinger is the man behind the K&K Philharmoniker, the Austrian K&K Ballet, Ukrainian National Choir Lviv, and the Tiroler Beethoven-Tage. His ensembles have earned him rapturous “bravos!” and standing ovations at some of the finest concert halls in Europe, including in Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen, Madrid, and Vienna’s famed Wiener Musikverein.

Sofia Stefanovka: Turning Dreams into Reality

Issue 122, April 2019.
Sofia Stefanovka is the beautiful and charismatic owner of Pierre Cardin Shop – the exclusive brand for Pierre Cardin for Women in Ukraine. Being among “TOP-50 successful women of Lviv region”, she sat down with us to give Lviv Today readers an idea of what personal qualities are necessary to own your own business and how to turn your dreams into reality.


Issue 119, January 2019.
The Lviv Film Centre completed its transformation from the Sokil Cinema after a three-year, 1.3 million USD renovation finished in 2017. While audio and video equipment were also upgraded, the operating room was mostly left untouched during the renovation in order to serve as an exhibit. The location also added a new laser DCP projector. The entire main hall has been transformed and new seats and an additional screen have been added. The entire building has been equipped with a modern heating system and is now completely accessible for those with disabilities.

Leondard Bernstein: A Once-in-a-Century Talent of Ukrainian Descent

Issue 118, December 2018.
From his birthplace in Lawrence, Massachusetts to New York, Berlin, South Africa, China, Israel, and Ukraine, Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990) was a larger-than-life conductor, pianist, composer and all-around bon vivant. His fame was derived from his long tenure as the musical director of the New York Philharmonic, from conducting for many of the world’s leading orchestras, and from his iconic music for productions such as West Side Story, Peter Pan, On the Waterfront, and Candide.

Music as a Choice - An interview with composer and conductor Matthias Georg Kendlinger

Issue 113, June 2018.
In movies, symphony conductors are portrayed as unsmiling, intense men in coattails that lead a stuffy – but beautiful – musical performance by unsmiling, intense musicians. Matthias Georg Kendlinger may have intensity, but he’s anything but unsmiling or stuffy. A native of Tyrol, composer and conductor Kendlinger is also the founder of the K&K Philharmoniker Orchestra. Created in Lviv in 2002, the K&K is now one of Europe’s leading orchestras as they perform over 100 concerts on Europe’s biggest stages every year. Kendlinger brings his orchestra back home to Lviv several times each year and even created his own Matthias Kendlinger Music Festival last year.

New Wave Exhibition & Festival

Issue 112, May 2018.
New Wave Exhibition & Festival 25-27 May at !FESTRepublic Club (24-36 Staroznesenska St.) Lviv’s !FESTRepbulic club will play host to the New Wave Exhibition, a weekend festival of the creative industries, from 25-27 May. With panel discussions, exhibitions, talks, and gigs by artists, innovators, and industry leaders, this three-day event Lviv’s !FESTRepublic club will play host to the New Wave Exhibition, a weekend festival of the creative industries, from 25-26 May. With panel discussions, exhibitions, and talks and gigs by artists, innovators, and industry leaders, this three-day event examines the creative and business connections between art and industry. The event explores income-generating opportunities for artists and creative entrepreneurs across a variety of disciplines, including fashion, music, film, animation, and digital media. More festival than conference, the event is a celebration of Ukrainian artistic endeavor as well as a networking opportunity for collaborative sharing between artists and creative entrepreneurs. Festival highlights will include performances by NovaЯ – the world’s one and only laser harp player, DJ Raft Tone, the Garage Drum Show, the Duo Eos aerial gymnasts, and the spectacular ILuminad light show. Tickets are 100-250 UAH. For more information, please visit Prior to the NWE (New Wave Exhibition), festival organizer Olenka Royuk took time from her schedule to answer some questions for Lviv Today.

Global Events – a leader in event management

Issue 106, November 2017.
The modern event management industry is a universe where contractors and clients live according to their own very specific rules. Each event is truly unique, like a piece of a construction kit where each detail can change everything. To learn about Ukraine’s current event management market, Lviv Today sat down with Global Events founder Denys Rynsky.

Lviv Was Always the Home of Polish Star Bogdanska

Issue 103, July 2017.
Renata Bogdanska-Anders may be a Polish diva and national icon, but did you know that this remarkable woman was actually Ukrainian? Her marriage to Poland’s legendary military and political leader General Wladyslaw Anders turned her into the First Lady of the postwar Polish anti-communist diaspora, but her birth 100 years ago (12-May-1917), formative years, and rise to stardom were all spent right here in Lviv.

Stefan Behnisch: “Good universities are built around a good idea”

Issue 103, July 2017.
Stefan Behnisch, together with his partners from the firm Behnisch Architekten, has designed dozens of buildings during his successful career. His most recent project, the Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Centre at the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv, Ukraine, will open September 10, 2017. In terms of design and concept, the Centre is a unique structure in Ukraine which has generated great excitement in advance of the grand opening and consecration of the new Centre. We met with architect Stefan Behnisch and spoke with him about the project, and the specific challenges he faced designing the Centre.