Lviv Opinion

Forecast: Lviv’s employment market in 2010

Issue 20, January 2010.
Ukraine suffered a severe blow across the employment market in 2009. Unemployment skyrocketed, underemployment was rampant, many employees began entering other employ- ment spheres, and a vast number of employees were living in fear that their heads would be next on the chopping block. Those that managed to hang on often saw salary cutbacks, bonuses slashed, shortened work days and wages that were not paid out in a timely fashion.

Lviv Racing to Meet Euro 2012 Deadline

Issue 18, November 2009.
This month will see Euro 2012-related activity in Lviv rech a fever pitch as city officials work to meet UEFA’s tough 30 November deadline. In April 2007 Ukraine and Poland were designated as sites to co-host the UEFA European championships in 2012. This decision is monumental on two fronts. First, it marked the first occasion since the fall of the Berlin wall 20 years ago where the UEFA championships would be held in two countries formerly belonging to the communist camp. Second, for Ukraine still a fledgling democracy belonging neither to the EU nor NATO, it was one of the biggest single achievements since it gained independence 18 years ago. The challenge now is to make sure Lviv is selected as a host city.